Volume 3, Number 51, December 20, 1976


International Report

Soviet Union Extends T-Ruble As Base For Monetary System

IBEC Offers Transfer Ruble for Settlements of East-West Trade

“Gold And The Monetary Crisis”

Barclay’s Bank Review: Role For the Transferable Ruble

OPEC Settles On 5% Effective Price Increase

Algeria: ‘Third World Will Not Fall For Lying Declarations Of West’

CAP: “We Will Use Our Power Resolutely”

Saudis Reported in Agreement with Algeria, Venezuela

Yamani: No Embargo, We Want Dialogue

U.S. Press Retails State Department War Line Tio Break OPEC

National Report

Oil Price Already Up 20%, Carter Team Plans ‘Energy Embargo’ Against U.S. Industry

Carter Report: Carter Draws From Same Well Five More Cabinet Nominees

Congress Report: Carter Camp Forces on Defensive by Capitol Hill Backlash

Jule Sugarman: A Case Study of Carter’s Transition Team


Foreign Exchange: Soviet Initiatives Undermine An Already Shaky Dollar

Gold: Gold Strength Based on Use for New Monetary System

International Stocks: Britain Comes Back Strong

World Trade: Italian Trade Deals Show New World Trade Flows

Arab Investments After FIAT

Business Outlook: Weakness in Auto Production, Despite Oct.-Nov. Business Figure

Agriculture: Use Feed Grain Exports Show Early Strength; Possible Price Pressure in the Offing

Steel: European Steel Outlook Grim and Getting Worse

Science and Technology

The Great Plutonium Hoax

Soviet Sector

Ponomarev Leads Diplomatic Initiative To Gaullists

Soviet Union On Peace Offensive

Inroads Attempted Into Poland, Brzezinski Linked

Winslow Peck: Maoist Infiltration Worries East Germans

Poles, With Soviet Assistance, Take Protective Measures For Economy

Military Strategy

Plenty of Dissent in NATO Rejection of First-Strike Ban

Rumsfeld: NATO Has What It Needs—Defense, Deterrence

W. German Press: NATO Reaches No ‘Agreements In Principle’

French Press: Giscard Opposed To First Strike Ban, Wants NATO Expansion

Defense Research Director Currie Stresses Importance of Fusion and Basic Research

Rumsfeld, Clements, And Currie Receive Laurels From Aviation Week Magazine

United Nations

Economic Committee Votes Isolate U.S.; Can New Ambassador Save the U.S. Policy?


Schmidt Launches New Gov’t with Commitment to International Economic Cooperation and Peace

Fundamental Change in West Germany’s Foreign Policy

West Germans Press Comments on the CDU-CSU Agreement

Kissinger Tries to Intimidate Schmidt, Callaghan, Andreotti

Der Spiegel Takes A Harsh Look at the Rockefeller Empire

British Gov’t. Tells IMF: ‘No Draconian Cuts’

Healey Gives Background To Economic Package; Stresses Industrial Recovery

Callaghan Calls For World Economic Summit

Polish Delegation in Britain For Trade Contacts E-W Relations

Trade Unions Warn Callaghan On Spending Cuts

Defense Chiefs Call For No Cuts In Defense Spending Backed By Atlantic Committee

Gaullists, Soviets Box In Giscard

Debre: Need Europe-Wide Economic Action To Defend Against American Economic Policy

French Electric Workers Strike Against Giscard Gov’t. Austerity

Gaullist RPR A Fascist Political Movement

Giscard Proposed To Stop Nuclear Technology Export To Third World

Realignment in the Italian Communist Party

Portuguese Elections Results Stir Waters or Soares

Middle East

Jordan: Prying the West Bank from King Hussein

Palestine Central Council Resolution for Palestine State

Israel Fighting It Out For Peace Or War

Arabs Forming United Trade Bloc


British, African Initiatives for Speedy Rhodesian Settlement Accelerate


Vietnam Congress Inaugurates Strategy For Peace and Reconstruction

Daily Political Report to Vietnam Congress

Is Fukuda Next?

Confounded, Western “China Watchers” Become Blind, Deaf, Dumb

Latin America

Venezuela Crucial Link Between Latin America and New World Trade Flows

Mexico: Battle For Land Close to Civil War; Debt Question Pressing

Manley Wins Presidential Election in Jamaica

Ecuador Right Wing Shift Pressures Peru


Beyond the Bylines: The Trilateral Press