Volume 4, Number 1, January 4, 1977


International Report

Carter’s Campaign for Showdown with Soviets

Hawks Issue ‘Grim’ Estimate of Soviet Power

War Policy That Leads to Permanent Destruction of U.S. Would Force Soviets To Back Down, CPD’er Says – Wolfe: Educate Public for War – Cline Spells Out Assassination Plots Against Third World Leaders.

Soviets Caution Against ‘American Global Strategy’

NATO, Brazil Participate in Caribbean Maneuvers

World Press on the Issue of War

London Times Questions Times’s Motives – London Times Scoffs at Carter’s Summitry Attempt – Venezuela’s El Nacional: Jimmy Carter: Portrait of a Robot.

AID Population Control Legislation Set for Congress

An Interview with James Scheuer

Scheuer’s Call for Genocide

A Page from Scheuer’s Appointment Book

National Report

Who’s Who in the Carter Cabinet

European Press Reaction to Carter Cabinet

‘Legal’ Drug Pusher Rumored for Top Post


Collapse of Third World Debt Threatens Banks in Early 1977

Remarks on Illusions Concerning T-Ruble Convertibility

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Foreign Exchange: U.S. Dollar Hits 18-Month Low, New Monetary System on Horizon

GDR: Western Capitalist Nations Have Interest in New Economic Order

Italy Stocks Shows Expectations of Arabs

Trade Deficit Belies ‘Pause for Recovery’

General Accounting Office Report Sets Stage for Bank Agency Reorganization

Steel Decline Continues

Anatomy of the General Electric-Utah International Merger


OPEC ‘Strongmen’ Make Headway in Break with Rockefeller’s Oil Multinationals

CAP To Venezuela Congress: OPEC Linked to Third World Fight for New World Economic Order – Outgoing Secretary General of OPEC Affirms Unity of Cartel – Yamani Hits Profiteering – Saudi-Iranian Relations Are Not Strained – Arab Oil Producers Should Beware of Nicholas Sarkis.

Sabotage of European Fusion Program Backfires

London Times: “Unlimited Power Without Danger” – Europe’s Press Defends JET.

Sabotage of Northeast Energy Supply Uncovered

Kennedy Aides on Energy Saving – “The Majors Make It Work for Them” – O’Neill Aide: New England Fish for Midwest – Oil Spills “Don’t Make Any Sense” – Boston Investor: Boston Superport Is Dead – Uncertainty About New England Oil Supplies – Massachusetts Commerce Department: Cutting Energy Supply Is Suicidal – Incompetence of Coast Guard Responsible for Argo Spill.

Military Strategy

Harold Brown: Portrait of a Utopian Technocrat

United Nations

Move To Halt Renewal of NSIPS UN Credentials


Callaghan Takes Political Control After IMF Loan Negotiations

Britain Takes Italian Lead in Comecon-Arab Trade – British Trade Deals, November-December.

Italy, Britain Force Bonn To Soften Line on New World Economic Order

West Germans Tense over U.S. Pressure on NATO – West German Trade Unions Mobilize Behind Nuclear Energy.

Giscard Acts for Energy Austerity

Gaullists Under Pressure – French Oil Agreements.

Italians Prepared To Accept Transfer Ruble Proposal

Moves for Euro East-West Bank – Italian Steel Production Slated for Expansions – Italian Deals, December 22-30.

Middle East

Carter’s Mideast Policy: All-Out Push for War

Rabin’s Dissolution of Israeli Government: Opens Way for New, Pro-Peace Regime

Egypt Seeks Investments for Development, Bucking IMF


South Africa Pleased with Carter Policy on Investment, Apartheid

Fear Expansion of Rhodesian War in South Africa – Mauritius Government Hit with Unexpected Electoral Defeats – UNITA, Angolan Countergang, Is Kicked Out of Zambia – Press Primes Djibouti as Carter’s First African Test.


Fukuda Sets Up Austerity Government in Japan

China To Purge Maoist Faction, Begin Reindustrialization

“On the Ten Major Relationships” – Speech by Comrade Hua Kuo-Feng – Speech by Comrade Yung-Kuei.

Gandhi Weakened by Party Factional Feuding

Latin America

Linowitz Report on Latin America: Blueprint for Confrontation

Cuban Press Maintains Hardline on Carter – ‘Carefully Fabricated Product of Trilateral Commission’

Panama Government Abruptly Shifts To Endorse Carter

Carter Advisors Launch Campaign To End Mexico’s Population Growth

Mexico Needs Schacht.

Peru NSIPS Correspondent Vasquez Released