Volume 4, Number 3, January 18, 1977


International Report

Britain, Italy Lead East-West Trade Expansion

West German Program Not Compatible with Carter Hyperinflation

Carter Team Prepares ‘Little Wars,’ Raw Materials Hoaxes

Did Harriman’s Role Avert an Early Confrontation Between Carter and the Soviet Union?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

National Report

Former U.S. Ambassador Reveals How Rockefeller-Kennedy Team Pulled Coups in Chile and Brazil

Opposition to Trilateralism Builds in Congress

U.S. Senator Schmitt: Science, Technology are the ‘Mainstay’ of the U.S.

Mr. Carter’s Coca-Cola Connection


Sterling Stabilized As British, West Germans Say ‘No’ to Dollar

Paris Bourse Leads European Markets; Economic Entente with Arabs in Offing

West Germany To Revalue Gold Market Price?

Three-Way Trade Deals Up in New Year

Calls for Commodity Stockpiles Based on Plans for War

Industry Braces for War, Supply Cutoffs

1976 Steel Production Still Below 1974 Level


Arabs, EEC Out To Break Rockefeller Control of Oil Markets

Saudis Get Tough With Four Multis in Aramco

Iran’s Shifting Development Perspective Anticipates Greater State Control of Oil

British Government Debates Long-Term Energy Strategy

ERDA Looks Again at Project Independence Energy Programs

Science & Technology

Science & Technology News

Oil Spill Hoax Exposed — Experimental Evidence To Refute Quantum Electrodynamics? — ERDA Announces Laser Analysis Technique.

Military Strategy

Former French Admiral Sanguinetti Advocates Europe’s Disengagement from NATO

U.S.S.R. Answers ‘Team B’ Report


Trade Union Leader Vetter Revives Schacht Program for West German Workers

Debré Forms ‘Committee of Public Safety’ To Lead Gaullist Drive for Power

Middle East

The Abu Daoud Affair

West German Paper Asks: Is CIA Responsible?

Daoud Comments on His Arrest

Egypt’s Sadat Continues To Back PLO, Push United Arab Front at Geneva

Turkey’s Invisible Prime Minister


Rhodesian War Danger Rises

Nigeria Organizes an Industrial Revolution


Scandal Shakes U.S.-Korea Relations; Carter Support for Park in Doubt

Peking Posters Call on Teng’s Return, Purge of Remaining Maoists

Japan ‘Resources Faction’ Sends Oil Mission to Saudi Arabia

Philippines May Oust U.S. Bases To Deepen Ties to Third World

Malaysia: Growth Faction Battles Colonial Backwardness and Exxon

Latin America

Media Whip Up War Tensions in Latin America

‘Venezuela Out of Line – Point Brazil At Her’

The Rand-Linowitz ‘Little Wars’ Scenario

Brookings: They’ll Ask OAS To Intervene – Colombia Paper Calls for OAS Intervention.

Pressure on Brazil To Go to War

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Replies to U.S. Manipulation

‘Wrong Address’

An Interview with Eliot Janeway