Volume 4, Number 4, January 25, 1977



Moscow Green Light for T-Ruble

East-West Business Ties – Possibilities and Realities

Schmidt and Andreotti Concur on Approach to European Problems

New Hansa Bank Formed.

Comecon Meeting in Cuba Opens Trade Offensive to Latin America


Sorensen Defeat Shows Strength of Anti-Carter Forces on Capitol Hill

Republican National Committee Comes Under Trilateral Leadership

Washington Week: Schlesinger in Command


Westinghouse vs. Rio Tinto Zinc: A Company Against Uranium Use

Dollar Gains Brief Respite ... at U.S. Credit Market’s Expense

Forlani Trip to U.S.S.R. Seals Multi-Level Economic Agreements

Farm Policy Fight Shapes Up; Wheatgrowers Demand ‘Market Development’

Steel Industry in Limbo

U.S. Steel Industry Announces Counterattack Against Imports.


OECD Nations Defy Trilateral Commission, Seek Nuclear Energy Development

Saudi Production Increases Aimed at Creating New International Oil Marketing Network

Arabs Move To Create Arab-European Tanker Fleet

Yamani: ‘U.S. Is Principally Interested in Raising the Price of Oil’

Science & Technology

U.S. Computer Firm Invites Soviets To Spur Technological Innovation

Military Strategy

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ‘Trotskyist’ Gang-Countergang Tactic

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde


British Government Unions Base Recovery on Technological Growth

Giscard in Retreat, Barre Steps Forward

“Report on the Broad Orientations of France’s Foreign Policy” — Giscard: “French Foreign Policy Not Made in Newsrooms.”

The French Side Of the Abu Daoud Affair

Schmidt’s Speech Sparks Heated Debate in West German Parliament

Middle East

Israel Hawks Demand ‘Spirit Of Entebbe’

British Press Warns of Reprisals and Terror.

Carter’s Zionist Lobby: A Dossier

What’s Behind the ‘Arab Boycott’ Bills

Why Is Cyrus Vance Going to Egypt?

Egyptian Riots Explode IMF Austerity Program


Reflation Is Out for Japan

India’s 1976 Success Based on New World Economic Order in 1977

Economic Trends in Southeast Asia: An Overview of the ASEAN Countries

The Philippines: Debt High and Sugar Low

Indonesia: Holding Action Against Austerity

Malaysia: Beset by Speculation and Battles Over Oil

Vietnam To Greatly Expand Relations with West

South Korea: Still on the ‘Most Troubled Nation’ List

Taiwan: A U.S. Dependent

People’s Republic Of China: Oil Will Lead the Way

Fukuda’s ‘Reflationary’ Budget: Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Latin America

Right Celebrates ‘War of Pacific’

Chile and Peru Assert Mutual “Preparedness” for Replay of 1879-81 Conflict – Ecuadorian Rightists Feed War Scenario.

‘Depend on U.S. for More Hunger’

Congress Told Mexico: ‘Part of U.S. Economy,’ U.S. Troops Are Ready

Peruvian Interior Ministry Rejects NSIPS Director’s Protest Letters as ‘Inadmissible’


Carter Justice Department Prepares Witch-Hunt Against U.S. Labor Party

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.