Volume 4, Number 5, February 1, 1977



Hint Transfer Ruble Deal Set

Schmidt, Callaghan Meet To Hammer Out Joint Development Strategy

French Prime Minister Barre Calls for Euro-Currency Backed by Gold

Mondale Tour of Europe a ‘Major Blunder’

Europe Tells Mondale: Go Home


Carter Sends Energy Dictatorship Bill to Congress

Emergency Gas Bill

Trilateral Document Demands U.S. Interventions, End to ‘National Sovereignty’

‘Towards a Renovated International System’

‘Remaking Foreign Policy’: The Trilateral Commission Plan for U.S. Dictatorship

Washington Week: Watergate Mood Building in Washington


New York: Banks Demand Financial Control of New York City

Behind the Dollar’s Stability

Euro-Arab Deals Squeeze New York Banks Out of International Markets


Case Co. Investment in French Hydraulic Excavators: A Signal for the Future?

A Real Prognosis for the Rail Industry


Effects of the Energy Crisis in the U.S.A.

U.S. Delays Algerian Gas Imports to New Jersey

Policy of Trilateral Commission: New York Times Previews Anti-Nuclear Energy

The Advantage of Recycling Plutonium for Nuclear Power

‘Governor Brown, Naderites Have Hog-Tied California’s Energy Sources’

by Nicholas Benton

Author of NEPA: ‘We Need To Have a Lot Fewer People’

Soviet Sector

Vance To Tie Up SALT with ‘Human Rights’?


Paris Mayoral Race Arena for Fight Against Giscard’s Policies

Chirac Explains His Decision To Run

Italian Metalworkers Contract Demands Conversion to Tractor Production

Italy: PSI Bid To Enter Government Blocked

Callaghan Will Use Bullock Report To Take Economic Debate ‘Into the Workplace’

West German-U.S. Arms Deals Stalled

Middle East

When Vance Arrives in Cairo – Will Sadat Still Be in Charge?

IMF Demands Could Trigger Egyptian Return to Nasser-Era Policy

Soviets Analyze Egyptian Events: The Issue Is Industrialization

The Observer: “The Shadow of Revolution Lay Over Egypt” – Events: Egypt’s Deep Social Problems Must Be Solved – Baltimore Sun: Sadat on the Defensive – Khaled Mohieddine Calls for Return to Policy of Nasser – The Generals Are Very Dissatisfied with Sadat – “Sadat Needs External Aid” – Chase Manhattan: “The Riots Were More Intense Than Anybody Expected.”

Europe, Arabs, Comecon Seek New Monetary System

Former Egyptian Minister Calls for International Gold-Backed Reserve Currency – “Middle East Checks Out Bullion Market” – Khalid in Shift on Soviets – “Kuwait: Diversified Armaments” – New Oil Alliance? – “A New Phase in Euro-Arab Dialogue” – U.S. “Hasn’t Convinced” Arabs.

French-Saudis Agree on Need for Middle East Settlement; Open Way for Substantial Trade

Cyprus Issue To Be Settled ‘NATO’s Way’?

New Peace Initiatives.


Smith Rejection of British Proposals Puts Southern Africa on War Footing

Evans and Novak Back Smith – “The Outlines of a Policy” – Smith Held Responsible for Collapse of Talks – British House of Commons Debate on Rhodesia – Return to Kissinger Plan Unlikely.

The Benin Coup Attempt – Rockefeller’s Die Spinne Network At Work in Africa

Who Is Irving Brown?


Gandhi Announces Elections, Startles Opposition

Who Is Jayaprakash Narayan?

Gandhi Lifts Emergency Restrictions and Calls for March Elections

Latin America

1977 May Be Boom Year for Jamaica

Brazil Is Dying

Peru Asks Embassies To Deny Asylum to NSIPS 5

Peruvian Government Admits Political Repression


U.S. Representative McDonald Slanders U.S. Labor Party

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Federal Election Commission Scandal

Carter Ordered Phony FEC Probe into Labor Party Finances

European Labor Party Leaders in First Brandt Trial Appeal Fined $10,000