Volume 4, Number 7, February 15, 1977



Sniffing The New Winds From The East

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

National Security Council Sets Up Task Force for Middle East War

Senate Committee Staffer: Schlesinger-Vance Will Control U.S. Foreign Energy Policy – Foreign Policy Staffer: “Saudis Could Have a Change in Regime.”

Aramco Official Lies About Saudi Policy

Will Iran Invade Saudi Arabia?

Iraq, Kuwait Warn About Carter’s ‘Thermonuclear War’

1973: Behind Aramco’s Great October Revolution


The Unfinished Agenda Will Finish America

by Carol Lerner

Rockefeller Brother’s Fund Issues Blueprint for No-Energy Economy.

‘Some of the Kids Aren’t Going To Make It’

The Unfinished Agenda

Worldwatch Institute: Tax Oil, Gas–Pour Proceeds into Solar Energy

Carter Assistant Keynote: The President Is Extremely Sympathetic

What Is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund?

Who’s Who on the Environmental Task Force

White House Congressional Agents Gear Up for Energy Cutbacks

USLP, ERDA Testimony Focuses Congressional Resistance

Paul Warnke: Softie or Soft Cop?

Do Americans Support Carter’s Conservation Program?

The Case of Indiana HIRE: Business and Labor Fight for Growth – Governors Hit Carter No-Energy Programs.


War for Oil Market Shows in Fifth Round of North Sea Hearings

U.S. Asks for Dollar Devaluation

Business Outlook: Carter’s Confidence Game Is Up


The Politics of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Science & Technology

‘Cooled Protons Promise Energy – A Technique Perfected In Siberia’

Soviet Sector

Aren’t Brezhnev’s Favored Writers Helping Schlesinger Out?

Military Strategy

Joint Chiefs Chairman Refutes ‘Team B’

Gen. George Brown to Congress: Arms Investment Should Focus U.S. on R&D

The Political Economy of Military Posture

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

European Economic Survey

‘Sick Men’ of Europe Revived But Not Cured

Investment Squeeze Hurting Callaghan Industrial Strategy

Franc Stabilized with Arab Support; Credit Crisis Looms in 1977

Italy Needs Credit Lines To Maintain Recovery

West German Policy and Production at the Crossroads

Middle East

Israelis Demand Crisis Diplomacy from U.S.

Saudi Regime Divided on Takeover of Aramco

Why The Riots Happened: Behind Sadat’s Open Door


Carter Primes Smith, Vorster for War With Black Africa

Young: U.S. Won’t Upset Smith or Vorster – Who Murdered the Missionaries?


Gandhi, Despite Party Crisis, Launches Pro-Growth Electoral Platform

Fukuda: Limited Resources Mean an End to Growth

Latin America

Brazil, West Germany Demand the Right to ‘Energy Independence’ from The Trilateral Commission

Argentine Military Magazine Backs Nuclear Energy


USLP Presents Vote Fraud Evidence to Congress