Volume 4, Number 8, February 22, 1977



Israel-South Africa Axis Set for Schlesinger Doctrine Military Showdown

by Bob Dreyfuss

African Front-Line States Prepare for War; Will Europe Intervene?

Europeans Maintain Dangerous Silence on Mideast

El Moudjahid: When Will Europe Take International Responsibility? – Financial Times: PLO Document Opens Way for Negotiations.

PLO: Need a Clear Voice from Europe for Peace

Hawks Have Free Rein in Israel

New Urgency for MBFR Agreement

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Carter To Kill Fusion Power; Cut Energy Consumption 30%

by Carol Lerner

“To Convince Every American” – Nader Endorses ASE – Carter Welcomes ASE, “Permanent Sabotage” – Who’s in ASE.

Carter’s Congressional Energy Legislation

Carter Seeks Large-Scale Program of ‘Pick and Shovel’ Publicly-Funded Jobs

Wilkowski: “Once We Get Conservation Camps, Then We Go for Coal Gasification Plants.”

Senate Conservatives Position Themselves on Key Committees

Opposition To Warnke Mounts in Washington

Eugene Rostow: Soviet Weapons Strides Make Nuclear Ban “Only Meaningful Negotiations”

Korry Anticipates ‘Carter’ Watergate

Korry: Mission “Truth Squad.”

Harriman, IPS Push War and Warnke on the Hill

Fusion Energy Foundation Tour Builds Alternative to Carter No-Energy Program

Energy and Industrial Policy for the United States

by Morris Levitt

California Industrialist Hits Delays in Developing New Sources of Natural Gas


Banking War Breaks Out over Euro-Market Breakdown

European Bloc To Protect Snake; Move to Gold System Next?

Oil Market War on the Horizon

Science & Technology

U.S. Seeks Classification of Basic Soviet R and D

by Uwe Parpart

The Solar Energy Fraud

by Eric Lerner

Soviet Sector

East Germans, Czechs Counter Soft Line on Carter Warmakers

Zorza Misses The Mark: Soviet R and D.

Triangular Trade Advocate from D.D.R. Institute Exposes Trilateral Commission Policies

Triangular Economic Cooperation Required.

Military Strategy

Is ‘Aura Of Power’ Admiral Turner an Intelligence Incompetent?

by Bob Cohen

Warnke Testimony Follows Trilateral Line To Stop Nuclear Development in Guise of Arms Control

United Nations

What Carter Is Up To on North-South Policy

by Daniel Sneider


Soviets Ask for ‘Feasibility Study’ of T-Ruble Convertibility

Le Figaro: Is the Euro-Ruble on the Horizon?

Confindustria Reports on the Transfer Ruble

West German Naderites in Retreat

Helmut Schmidt: ‘I’m Not the Kind of Person Who Yields to Pressure’

Wilson Government ‘Scandal’ Strengthens Callaghan’s Growth Strategy

What the ‘Chirac Phenomenon’ Will Do to French Atlanticists

Middle East

Greek and Turkish Cypriot Leaders Agree on Compromise Peace Plan

Turkey: Demirel Forces Move Against NATO Destabilization

Greece: Karamanlis Mops Up Interpol Terrorists


Trials and Tribulations of Japan’s Fukuda

Korea’s Park Counters U.S. Scandals with Some Crackdowns of His Own

Latin America

Brazilian Monetarists Oust Pro-Growth Minister of Industry

Severo’s Ouster: A Victory for Speculative Capitalism? – Carter’s “Intentions Are Hardly Peaceful.”

Carter’s ‘Feelers’ to Cuba: Step-by-Step Confrontation

Venezuela’s CAP Threatened with Coup, Assassination

Third World Think-Tank Announces Study of Debt Burden

Colombia: A Nation of ‘Dead Cities’?

Mexican Chief of State Slapped Around by Carter, Brzezinski on Washington Visit


The Plot To Drug America

A Who’s Who of Carter’s Drug Pushers

A Physician Takes Aim at the Pot Lobby


CBS Up in Carter Appointments, Down in Viewer Ratings

Conservatives To Buy Washington Star?