Volume 4, Number 9, February 29, 1977



‘T-Ruble Most Important News Since Bretton Woods’?

Press Debates Expanded Use of T-Ruble

CAP Calls Carter’s Bluff

Carter’s Apology and CAP’s Answer

New Entebbe Next Step in Brzezinski Confrontation Policy?

Rabin Victory, European Pressure Counters Vance ‘War Shuttle’

The Statement of the EEC on a Middle East Peace – Financial Times: Vance “Misleading” on Mideast Peace Prospects – “Dr. Kreisky Reminds Israel of Palestinian Rights” – Brandt: Exclude War as Political Instrument.


Carter’s Budget Unveiled

Carter Reply to Drought: Stop Dam Construction

by Eric Lerner

Next Ten Years as Seen by Brookings

Blackmail Campaign Against Potential Carter Opposition in Congress

Congress Punts on Warnke Nomination

Carter’s Budget-Cutting Spree: Will He Cut His Own Throat, Too?


The Federal Reserve’s Role in the Breakdown of the United States Economy, 1971-76

Carter Energy Program Would Bankrupt Public Utilities

Preparations for New Monetary System Spark Gold Price Rise


Trilateral Commission Revives Failed Baruch Plan

by William Engdahl

Science & Technology

ERDA: ‘Fusion Possible in Five to Ten Years’

New Developments on MIT’s Tokamak Portend Fusion Breakthrough

ERDA: Go for an Operating Demonstration Fusion Plant in Late 1980s

‘Fusion Could Be Considered the Enduring Solution to Energy Problems’

Soviet Sector

Eastern Europe Hard-Liners Push T-Ruble, Warn Brezhnev on Phony Détente

A Litmus Test.


French January Trade Figures Portend New Round of Austerity

Giscard Tries for a Brokdorf in France

British Cabinet Reshuffle Strengthens Callaghan’s Hand

Brokdorf Peace Improves Outlook for West Germany’s Nuclear Generating Program

LaRouche Hosts Nuclear Energy Conference in Milan

Middle East

Vance Visit Leaves Sadat on Even Shakier Ground

Carter To Inject Middle East War Threat into SALT?

All Sides Denounce Carter’s ‘Mediator’ in Cyprus

Turkish Press: Carter’s “Interventionist Policy” – Pravda “Concerning a Trip.”


Ian Smith Tries To Look Liberal, But Nobody Is Fooled

Ethiopia Struggles To Escape Hotspot Role

by Douglas DeGroot

Israel Revs Up Civil War In Sudan


Carter Applies ‘Cuban’ Policy to Vietnam: Step-by-Step Warmaking

India’s Election Campaign Enters Home Stretch

Congress Party Program

Communist Party of India Manifesto

Janata Party Manifesto

Latin America

Mexican Oil: ‘Strategic Reserve’ for U.S. or Mexico’s Road to Fusion Power?

The Mexican Labor Party Energy Program

Colombia: Carter’s Vietnam?

Brazil Tells Carter: We’re Drawing the Line on Nuclear Power


Testimony of Fusion Energy Foundation on Nuclear Regulatory Commission Hearing in the Case of Midland