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Volume 4, Number 10, March 8, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 10, March 8, 1977

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Support for North-South Dialogue Reemerges  

International Faction Fight Over T-Ruble  


Jimmy Carter Demands Energy Czardom from Congress  

Proposed Legislation To Create New Cabinet Department of Energy  

Governors Blast Energy Program, Demand Energy Development  

Carter Faces Revolt In Congress  

House Hears Testimony on Creating Third National Bank — Flowers Subcommittee Continues Attack on ERDA Funding Cuts — U.S. Labor Party: Nation Overwhelmingly Favors Progress — Fusion Energy Foundation: $50 Billion Needed for Proper Fusion Effort — Congressmen Rip Rockefeller-Allied Environmentalist.

USLP Fusion Call Backed by Midwest Trade Unionists  

Bergland’s Balloon Gets Shot Down  

His proposal for a U.S.-Canadian wheat cartel, to establish an artificially high price for wheat exports, to be used against OPEC, was rejected.


Carter Administration Plans Bailout of Endangered New York Banks  

World Trade: Broad Dollar Sector Slump Accompanies Record U.S. Monthly Deficit  

Major Trade Agreements Feb. 1 - March 4.  

Gold Boom Stems from Euromarket Crisis  

Raw Materials: Stockpiling — Waiting for War  

Mr. Carter’s Deficit and the Financial Markets  

What’s behind the Wave of Merger Bids?  


How Rockefeller Drove Bechtel Out of the Uranium Enrichment Business  

by Alfred Ross

U.S. Uranium Enrichment Critical  

Science & Technology

Atomizing Desalination Process Development And California Drought Relief Plan  


‘A Bunch of Wild Red Indians...’  

West Germany: Carter, Interpol Thwarted in Drive on Schmidt Cabinet  

A European Strategy for Israeli-Arab Cooperation  

French President Calls for ‘Saving the Environment’ à la Carter.  

Who Is René Dumont?  

Bullock Report Debate Spreads to Europe  

Middle East Economic Survey

Arab Oil Strategy - Bucking the IEA  

OPEC Finance Turning in New Directions  

Producing Nations Expand Oil Transport  

Egyptian Economy on the Brink  

The inside story on Chase Manhattan moves to take over Egypt.

Iraq: A Centralized Economy Breaks Out of an Oil Siege  

Algeria Basically Sound Despite Planning Problems  

Iran at the Crossroads  

Funds Flood Sudan, the New Arab Granary  


Behind The Amin Affair: Carter Plotted Coups in Uganda, Ethiopia  

Interview with Ethiopia’s Mengistu—the Man Carter Wanted Out  


China’s Economy Reels under Maoist Disruption  

Squaring the Circle of U.S. Policy to China  

The Soviet Watch on China  

Takeo Fukuda: An Economic Wizard of Oz?  

Latin America

IPS Report on Latin America: Linowitz with a Left Cover  

Mexico Facing Social Upheaval  

Brazilian Economy: The Continental Confidence Game  


The Carter Justice Ministry: Law in a Zero-Growth Society  

Courts Rule Snail Darter More Valuable than U.S Industry  


Behind The Bylines  

New York Times Has Heavy Lie Insurance Coverage.


‘Law of Supply and Demand’ for Oil Was Dictated by Rockefeller  

by Steve Parsons

The Control Of Oil, by John Blair.

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