Volume 4, Number 11, March 15, 1977



African-Arab Summit in Cairo Sets Agenda for Peace and Development

Algeria’s Bouteflika on Arab Aid to Africa

North-South Talks Back on the Burner

Saudis Split on Whether Or Not To Bail Out IMF

Yamani: “We Are Sticking to Our Guns” – “Yamani Swings Saudi Arabia Toward Industrial Policy” – “Rockefeller Will Come Back Disappointed” – “I Doubt the Saudis Will Give the IMF $15 Billion.”

‘You Have No Idea What Promises Carter Is Giving The Saudis’

New York Banks Push Commodity Price Hikes To Aid Third World Debt Repayment

“The Commodities Boom Would Only Help Chase.”

‘Common Fools’ Prepare Way for World War III

by Lyndon H. Larouche, Jr.


Congress Must Investigate Justice Department Coverup of Washington, D.C. Terror

Chronology of Events Surrounding the Hanafi Terror Incident

The Creation of an Agent Terrorist

Sunni Muslim Leader: Hanafi Terrorists ‘Are Correct’

Profiling a Nuclear Terrorist

The LEAA Report on Disorders and Terrorism

Carter Blackmail Falters: Senate Votes Overwhelmingly To Restore Water Project Cuts

‘Nuclear Swords into Nuclear Plowshares’

St. Louis Globe-Democrat Blasts ‘Damaging Nuclear Energy Cuts’

A Deadly Deal with the Devil

Farmers’ Organizations Join for Debt Moratorium Call

Farmers Union and NFO Ask for Stop to Farm Foreclosures.


New York Banks Put Bail-Out Issue on the Table

World Bank On Rockefeller Options.

Full Speed Ahead Toward Inflationary Bust

SEC, Carter Agencies Prepare 44 New ‘Lockheed Scandals’

Gold Up But Weak Currencies Get Hit

An Arab Dinar?


The Fight To Build the Alaska Pipeline

by Richard Freeman

Science & Technology

Dramatic Fusion Breakthroughs Clear Way for Fusion Energy in 1980s

Testimony on Inertial Confinement Fusion Program

Testimony of KMS Fusion, Inc. on Laser Fusion

U.S. E-Beam Research in Breakthrough

First CO<sub>2</sub> Laser Fusion Achieved at Los Alamos

Soviet Sector

The Cowardice of Leonid Brezhnev

by Criton Zoakos

Soviet Fossil Fuel Production Up Despite Bottlenecks

by Rachel Berthoff

Reactors Without Naderites and Dams Without Snail-Darters


Gardner, Carter Advisors Plot To Topple Italian Government

D.C. Think Tank Explains Italy Scenario – AFL-CIO Plays “Dumb.”

Senators Ask Gardner: ‘Is Italy Going To Make It?’

Carter Subverts Western European Governments

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Confusion in Italy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Il Fiorino Interviews LaRouche, Leader of the U.S. Labor Party

Concorde a Sore Point in Europe’s Relations with Carter

Why the U.S. Does Not Have a Supersonic Transport

West Germany: The Christian Democratic Party Congress

Scandals Heaped on Western Europe

Callaghan Walks Tightrope on Social Contract Negotiations

Spain Couples Democratization with Economic Growth

Middle East

Carter Offers Rabin ‘Eight-Year Plan’ for Mideast Settlement

The Arab Reaction to Carter

Middle East Economic Survey

Turkey Moves East in the Face of Economic Collapse

Greece: Military Budget, Political Pressure Hamper Greek Drive for Expanded Trade


Will U.S. Troops Soon Be Backing Ian Smith in Africa?


Japan’s Resources Faction Has Come to the Fore Again

“Energy Policy ‘Envoys’ Become Active Again” – “Saudi Mission Worries Government, Business Leaders.”

Latin America

Carter’s Latin American ‘Breakaway Ally’ Scenario

Chronology of Carter’s Confrontation with the Southern Cone – Press Reports Hardliners in Ascendance – Carter Will No Longer Be Blamed for Southern Cone Repression – Brazil Does Not Fear U.S. Economic Pressure.

Mass Strike Challenges World Bank Rule in Colombia

U.S. Reporters Find Cubans ‘Outraged’ by Carter’s Remarks on Human Rights


Federal Judge Orders FBI To Disclose Harassment of U.S. Labor Party

NSC Declares Financial War

History of the Detroit FBI Case

FBI Discovery Questions to NCLC – Judge Keith’s Discovery Decision – List of Materials Subpoenaed from FBI – NCLC Can Sue FBI’s Kelley and Saxbe – Motions for Sanctions.


Toward a Capitalist-Marxist Alliance for Industrial Growth

Review of The Industrial Development of Poland by Rosa Luxemburg, translated by Tessa DeCarlo, with an introduction by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.