Volume 4, Number 14, April 5, 1977



Europeans and Congress Oppose IMF Bailout: Banks Announce Credit Cutoff

“Cut Until The Pips Squeak” – Our Responsibility Is To Stay in Business – Isn’t Bailout Just for Banks?

Soviets Reject Carter’s ‘Unserious’ SALT Package; Carter Seeks Confrontation Course

Schmidt Makes Wehner Proposal Official

NSC Never Thought Soviets Would Accept Proposals

New Prospects Raised for Pan-European Talks, MBFR

Rockefellers Have Decisive Role in U.S. Policy – Red Star on the Disastrous “Inexpediency” of Limited Nuclear War.

Soviets Will Not Conform to Carter Administration Psychological Profile

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Georgii Arbatov: Rockefeller’s Man in Moscow

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


The Battle To Enact a Competent U.S. Energy Program

The Potential for a Congressional Offensive

Fusion Memorialization in Legislatures Shapes Energy Fight Across the Nation

Where the Trade Unions Stand on the Energy Issue

Regional Press Bucks Administration Energy Policy

Rinaldo to Flowers: Save Fusion

FEF, Industry Sponsor National Conference on Energy Development

Who’s Out for General Brown’s Scalp? And Why?


Commodity Bubble Pricked

Why The New York Banks are Finished

EEC Steel: Davignon Seeks To End Free Trade

‘Coal Or Uranium’: MITRE Report Sets Trap for U.S. Utilities

Science & Technology

Frontiers of Coal Technology

by Wayne Evans

Coal MHD: Twice the Efficiency and No Pollution – Coal Gasification: An Economic “Lemon.”


Carter Administration Revives ‘Operation Garden Plot’

Rand Calls For Terror “Command” Structure – The Original “Operation Garden Plot.”

Military Strategy

Behind the SALT Talks’ Collapse: General Giller’s Secret

by Uwe Parpart


EEC Meeting Stalls on IMF Bailout Scheme; Declares May Summit ‘Not Binding’

Andreotti Survives IMF Agreement

New French Government Gives Gaullists Greater Maneuvering Room

France: Showdown with Workers Builds on Production Constriction

European Economic Survey

‘No Solution Within Present Monetary System’

West Germany: Capital Goods Order Collapse Is a Warning Signal

No Imminent Collapse of British Economy ... But Recovery Impossible Under Present Conditions

France: De Gaulle’s Economic Legacy Going Down the Drain

Italy: IMF Loan Conditions Spell Economic Suicide

Middle East

Sadat Maneuvers for Room Before Visit to U.S.

Israeli Hawks Brandish Preemptive Strike Threat

“It Is the Season of the Generals” — Israeli Chief of Staff: “I Do Not Rule Out a Preemptive War” — Israel in Mood for Preemptive Strike — There Are a Thousand Scenarios for a Mideast War.

Arab Revenge for Entebbe on NSC Agenda


Carter’s Asia Policy

India: Desai’s Program: Domestic Misery, Regional War

World Bank Cracks Down on Indonesian Oilmen


Comecon-Africa Trade Bloc in the Offing

Latin America

Rockefeller’s ‘Critical Choices’ for Latin America

‘The Quest for Order’


Why Carter’s Electoral Reforms Are Lawless

by Barbara Boyd

Carter Vote Reform Brief – Constitutional Sections in Question

Judge Reflects Bell’s Argument; Orders FBI To Produce Files on USLP


How the Polls Make the Opinions