Volume 4, Number 16, April 19, 1977



French Intervention on Behalf of Carter Prepares U.S-Soviet Showdown in Africa

Former Green Beret Organizing U.S. Mercenary Operation — Tass: Foreign Intervention in Zaire “Inadmissible” – Giscard Claims French Intervention Was Made on Behalf of Europe.

The Anti-Mobutu Insurgency in Zaire

OECD ‘War Machine’ Builds Against Carter Energy Plan

West German Government Calls for Reworking of Non-Proliferation Treaty

European Press Agrees: Carter’s Plutonium Policy Will Isolate U.S.A.


Carter Energy Program To Save New York Banks

Burns Demands IMF Dictatorship, Energy Sacrifices

Excerpts from Draft of Carter’s Energy Program

‘Most Bitter Legislative Battle in Decades’ Shapes Up Against Carter Energy Program

Labor: Strikes for Energy – Industry: Cautiously Looking Towards a Labor Alliance – Congress: The Pressure Is On.

Tennessee Legislature Backs the Breeder

Rep. Flowers: Carter Energy Program Guts R&D and Congress’ Role

National Opposition to Carter Voting Bill

Wisconsin Election: Test For New Kind of Fraud – Wisconsin State Rep. Charges “Legalized Fraud” — New Jersey Congressman Finds Universal Registration “Unreal.”


Europe Organizing Cordon Sanitaire Against Dollar

European Bankers See Major Eurodollar Market Shakeout In Third Quarter

Tax Rebate Dies – A Small Victory for Sanity

Carter Prepares New Anti-Trust Attacks on Industry

GAO Report Finds No Hope for New York City

Northeast Governors Rep: ‘Lifestyles Must Change’

State Probe Shows New York Banks, Not City, Bankrupt

Haddad’s Statement.


2 Trillion Barrels of Oil Waiting To Be Consumed

by Judy Wyer

OPEC Countries Develop Nuclear Power Sources

Science & Technology

The Argonne Experiments and the End of Quarkery

by Eric Lerner

Top U.S. Scientists Asked Carter for ‘Apollo’ Fusion Program in February

Recent Significant Advances in Fusion

Fast Breeder Reactors — If They’re So Dangerous, Why Are the Soviets Build

Soviet Sector

Moscow Won’t ‘Play Ball’ with Brzezinski

USLP Pins Arbatov at MIT

Czechs Endorse New Swedish Communist Formation

Military Strategy

Air Force General on ABM: Soviet Technology ‘20 Years Ahead of U.S.’

Gen. Keegan: U.S. Underestimates Soviet Technology.

Carter Seeking Control of Military Intelligence


Biggest NSC Terror Wave Since Kennedy Era

A Chronology of Terror.

Wall Street’s CPUSA and FBI Espionage Network Exposed


France: Zaire Intervention Also Aimed at Gaullists

Moscow-Rome Continue Talks; Will Italy Solve Debt Problem with the Transfer Rouble?

West German Organizing for MBFR Settlement Reemerges

Rockefeller’s Nazi Networks in Greece

by Chrissa Axios

Middle East

Warhawk Peres Consolidates Victory over Humiliated Rabin

How Rabin Was Dumped: The Real Crime in Israeli Politics

by Mark Burdman

What Is Ha’aretz Newspaper? — Who Controls Israel.

Tunisia on Center Stage in the Maghreb


Fukuda Foiled: Japan, U.S.S.R. Proceed on Fishing Talks

Latin America

Javits in Mexico To Beat Down Resistance to IMF Shock Treatment

IMF, Industrialists, Vie for Venezuela’s Petrodollars

“Never Has a Government Done So Much in Such a Short Time for So Many People.”


The New South’s ‘New Southern Justice’

by Sandy Roberts and Paul Arnest


IPS Pays Kickbacks to Phoenix Probe Publishers

Augusta Paper Hits Fund for Investigative Journalism