Volume 4, Number 17, April 26, 1977



NSC’s Zaire Crisis Threatens Splits in Africa, Arab Sector

East Bloc Press Tears ‘NATO’s Zaire Adventure’

Red Star: “NATO’s Adventure in Zaire” – East German Party Daily: “Zaire Owes U.S. Banks Billions” – “West’s Monopoly Interests Are Behind Zaire Invasion” – Brezhnev: “Stop And Think About The Consequences” — Izvestia: “Shadows over the Red Sea” – Yugoslavs on Africa Border Wars: A Strategy Against the Non-Aligned.

Europe Waffles on Giscard’s Zaire Adventure

French Press: Is Giscard One of “The Americans’ Cubans?”

The National Security Council’s War by Proxy

Britain’s Owen “Behind the Times” with Return of Kissinger’s Africa Policy.

New Thermonuclear Confrontation in Place

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Naval ‘Schlesinger Doctrine’ Is Also All Wet

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Stop Rockefeller’s Energy Policy Before It’s Too Late

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Congressional Stampede Against Carter’s Energy Package

Congress: Carter Is Treasonous.

States: Legislatures Pass Memorials for Fusion

Industry: Publicly Guarded, Privately Critical

Labor: National Leadership Stalls; Members Ready for a Fight

U.S. Press: The President Sounded Un-American

Media Covers Fusion Energy Foundation Drive for Pro-Development U.S. Policy

Wall Street Journal: Carter Will Return Us to the Dark Ages

European Press: U.S. Won’t Accept an Energy Diet

Giscard Out on Limb for Carter

Il Fiorino Asks: Are Oil Multinationals Behind the Attempts To Stop Nuclear Progress?


Japanese Industrialists Judo Yen Speculations

Europe Stalling on Break With Dollar; Make ‘Contingency Plans’ for Collapse

Progress on T-Ruble Negotiations


Carter’s Energy Program

Excerpts from His April 21 Speech to Congress.

The Cost of Carter’s Program to the U.S. Economy

Fusion Pioneer Gough: Utilities See Fusion as ‘Next Major Base Load Energy Source’

Soviet Sector

Sleeping Oblomov Disturbed by Mr. Colby’s ‘Sleeping Giant’

by Criton Zoakos

Pravda Says No to Carter’s SALT Proposals: That’s Final

“The Limitation of Strategic Weapons—A Problem Which Can and Must Be Solved.”


Environmentalists To Plan Nuclear Terrorism at Salzburg Conference

Schedule for the Salzburg Conference.


Italy: PCI To Enter Government, But Which PCI? Whose Government?

West Germany: Fight on Nuclear Power in SPD

New Series of East-West Overtures

France: Mitterrand Declares War on Left Socialist Faction; Union of the Left Faces Crisis

Middle East

Egypt-Libya War Tensions Rise as Egypt’s Social Crisis Worsens

Egypt Key to Mideast, African Diplomat Says – “Private Saudi Funding” for Muslim Brotherhood – U.S. State Department: Egyptian Military Faction Considering War Against Libya – New IMF-Egypt Agreement Reached – Aggravation of Relations Between Egypt and Libya – The People of Egypt Oppose Sadat’s “Open Door” Policy – Egyptian and Israeli Military Collaborating, Soviets Report.

Story of Rabin Resignation Revealed

Carter’s Turkish Arms Package To Trigger Eastern Mediterranean Crisis


Non-Aligned Nations Meeting Resolves Nothing

by Daniel Sneider

The Non-Aligned Nations’ Communiqué.

Asian Economic Survey

What’s Behind Japan’s No to an IMF Bailout

by Richard Katz

Asia’s Battle for Food

by Peter Rush

Latin America

Venezuelan President Tours OPEC for New World Economic Order

CAP: U.S. Workers’ Input Critical — “Oil Is an Instrument.”

Plan Alvorada: Chase Manhattan’s Program for Ruling Brazil

Peru Central Bank Finds IMF Terms ‘Unacceptable’


Kennedy’s Version of S-1: ‘A Clean Police State’

by Barbara Boyd

Recount Ordered in Wisconsin, Carter Vote Bill in Trouble

Congressional and State Opposition to Carter Vote Proposals – Press Opposition to Carter Vote Proposals.