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Volume 4, Number 19, May 10, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 19, May 10, 1977

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Saudi Oil Fields No. 1 Target of Mideast War  

Expert Sees “Israeli Military Operation in Persian Gulf.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Claims Soviets Threatening Oil Fields  

Open Letter to Shimon Peres  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Israel Readies Preemptive Nuclear Strike  

JDLer Kahane Foments West Bank Riots.

‘Any New Government Will Be War-Oriented’  

How Israel Got The Bomb  

PLO’s Kaddoumi Condemns U.S. Cold War Posture  

Arab, European Left Mobilize Peace Offensive  

Syrian Communist Party Statement on Sadat  

Red Sea: ‘Lots of Scenarios For War’  

“Israel Worried About Red Sea—Might Hit Saudis” – “Israel Might Just Lash Out” – “That Would Mean a World War!”


Senators Call for Investigation of Carter Coverup on Vote Fraud  

The Impeachment of Jimmy Carter  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Press on Carter’s ‘Imperial Presidency’  

Nixon Lifts the Watergate Albatross Off Conservatives  

Senators Grill Schlesinger on Energy; Congress Slaps Carter Domestic Policy  

White House Worried by Fusion Energy Foundation Lawsuit  

Schlesinger Plan Disliked by Americans, Says Italian Pro-Government Paper  

Mexican Daily Calls for Fusion ‘Manhattan Project’  


Economic Summit Will Be a Bust for Carter  

The World Looks Toward the London Summit.

LaRouche May Head New Monetary System  

by Laurent Murawiec

What Carter’s Summit Failure Means To the New York Banks  

U.S. Protectionist Threats Could Precipitate Trade War  

Dollar Weakens Before London Summit  

Inflation Fears Depress Capital Spending Plans  


Watergate in a New Perspective: Richard Nixon’s Energy Policy  

Soviet Sector

Czechs Attack ‘Carter Doctrine’ of Blackmail and Subversion  

How Soviets Achieved a Fusion Sputnik: ‘The Strategy of Scientific Search’  

by A.M. Prokhorov

Soviets Endorse Fast Breeder, Reprocessing  

Military Strategy

U.S. Defense Faction Leaks: Soviet Fusion Work Yields ‘Superweapon’  

by Steven Bardwell

Aviation Week Magazine: Soviets Push for Beam Weapon  

by Clarence Robinson, Jr.

U.S. Scientists: “We May Not Catch Up!”


Italian Communists Seem Headed for Split  

IPS Terror Control Exposed in Italy  

Why There Is Terrorism in Italy—The Blind Terror of IPS.

The French Military Goes Psychotic  

Eyewitness Report: West Germany Social Democratic Party Energy Conference Backs Schmidt, Bucks Carter  

by George Gregory

‘Brandt Era’ Comes to Close in West Berlin  

Middle East Economic Survey

Turkey’s Economy Collapses: IMF Demands Blood  

Top Banker: ‘Turkey Must Cut All Imports, Devalue 75%’  

Which 5-Year Plan? The Fight for Egypt’s Economy  

Arab Monetary Fund Formed; Seen as Opposition to Dollar, IMF  


Angola on Alert As National Security Council Prepares Attack  

FNLA Recruiting Mercenaries in South America  

Carter Bids To Split Front-Line States with African ‘Concessions’  


Japan Fishing for Military Links with China  

Vietnam Negotiations: U.S. Stalls for Concessions  

Vietnam Calls Aid from U.S. ‘Undeniable Obligation’  

Latin America

Latin America Takes Aim at the IMF  

Monetarists Proposing ‘Euthanasia for the Businessman’  

‘Moratoria on Foreign Debt and Petroleum for Development’  

‘IMF’s Economic Stagnation Unacceptable’  

Energy and Industrial Policy for the Caribbean and Venezuela  


Pushing Drugs Through the Courts  


Open the Arbatov File  

by Criton Zoakos

Review of The War of Ideas in Contemporary International Relations, by Georgii Arbatov.

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