Volume 4, Number 20, May 17, 1977



Rocky Cripples Saudi Oil Output

Israel, NATO Prepare War Against Arabs.

LaRouche: ‘I Know Who Did It’

London Oil Journal Predicts Attack on Saudi Oil Fields

Behind Oil Sabotage: Saudi, U.S.S.R. Back PLO, Prepare Dollar Bust

Kuwaitis: Arabs Must Mobilize with Europe Against Carter Energy Policy

Carter Calls for ‘Special Relationship’ with Israel

Persian Gulf States Seek Stronger Ties with U.S.S.R.

‘Kuwait Has Definitely Moved Closer to Moscow’

Warnke Threatens First Strike

Schmidt Leads European Rejection of Carter War Plans


Ask Wartime Powers for Schlesinger’s Energy Department

The Energy Reorganization Act

GAO Urges Congress To Toughen Up Energy Department Bill

Congress Snipes at Carter Energy Plans – But Won’t Fight Whole Package

Carter Vote Bill Debate: A New Watergate?

Justice Department Memo Warns: Vote Bill Would Make Fraud Easy

‘One Person, One Vote’

Statement of Testimony by Thomas J. McCrary, National Chairman of Committee on Fair and Honest Elections.

Pennsylvania Republican Documents 1976 Vote Fraud

Press Tears Carter on Energy and Election Act


Dollar Credit Structure Begins To Crumble

Oil Fire, IMF Announcements Expose Uncertainty of Currency Markets

U.S. Business Looks for ‘Quick Cures’

City Hall ‘No Longer a Factor’ in New York

“What Will Happen to the Next Mayor Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog.”

Energy Independence or Energy Disaster?

by James Rotonda

Special Economic Report

Private Banking Approach to a New Monetary System

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Soviet Sector

U.S.S.R. Tells Carter He’s ‘Playing with Fire’ in Mideast

Soviet Strategic Interest in Middle East – Persian Gulf Scenario Exposed – SALT Package Denounced.

USA Institute Personnel Let Loose for Deception’s Sake

Military Strategy

Carter Cabinet Covers Up U.S. Intelligence Failures


European Press Finds Carter ‘Almost Human’

Britain’s Future: Military or Trade Union Solution?

Ulster Protestant Strike Falters

Mitterrand Anointed as Official Opposition to Giscard

France: ‘Steps Toward Financial Health’

Italian Weekly: Rockefeller’s Agnelli, IPS Push ‘Fascism with a Human Face’ Through Terror

Mediterranean Economic Survey

The Squeeze Is On in Southern Europe

Algerian Economy Recovering from Hudson Institute Plan

Middle East

NATO Prepares Turkey Coup To Quash Moratorium Option

by Nancy Parsons

A Chicago Banker On Turkish Crisis


Fidel, U.S.S.R. Seek To Counter French-U.S. Aggression Tactics

Fidel: We Will Defend Angola with All Our Means.

Mondale and Young Play Amos ’n Andy in Africa

by Douglas DeGroot

Anglo-American Plan for Rhodesia Announced.


Desai Faces Modern India

by Daniel Sneider

Pakistan: Press, Unions Back Bhutto’s Assault on Carter

“The World Policeman Again,” by H.K. Burki.

Latin America

Brzezinski’s South American ‘Holy Alliance’ Against Cuba

by Dan Wasserman

The Interpol Enforcers