Volume 4, Number 22, May 31, 1977



Fears of War and Economic Collapse Precipitate U.S. Market Plunge

Emergency Advice to Bankers

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Andreotti, Schmidt: Belgrade Conference for Energy and Mideast Peace

Podgornyi Ouster Presages U.S.S.R. Foreign Policy Shift

East-West Trade Activities


Singlaub Challenge Begins To ‘Draw the Line’ on Carter War Policy

U.S. Press Reports Dissent in Military Is Wide.

Vance Foiled Again in Geneva

Proxmire: U.S.S.R. Will Strike If Forced

How To Translate Carter’s Notre Dame Speech Out of Trilateralese

Ally Denounces “Risky Righteousness.”

Carter Press Conference: Mr. Waffle

Whig Coalition Draws Line on Carter

Congress Bucks Carter on Farm and Water Bills

Carter Takes Bloody Nose on Vote Bill

Nation Says ‘No’ to Carter Drug Policy

Pot Decriminalization: Where the Fight Stands – Pot-Luck?

Fusion Memorials Passed in Four States, Introduced in 12 More


Europe Treads Water As Monetary Storm Approaches

Rockefeller Missing at International Monetary Conference

Europeans Take Aim at Rocky’s Oil Multis

First Pennsylvania Corporation: The Worst Bank in the World

Rockefeller and the Coal Industry

U.S. Companies with Top Coal Reserve Positions – Top U.S. Coal Producers.


MIT Energy Study: Chicken Little Revisited

Senator Calls MIT Report “Self-Serving Propaganda” — Soviets Say CIA “Oil Study” Conclusions “Clash With Reality.”

Reagan: ‘Energy Cover-Up?’


Environmentalists Promise Terrorism

Issues for Discussion for Clam Coordinating Committee Meeting

Why the Senate Must Clean Up the FBI

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Bell Slanders National Caucus of Labor Committees

From the 1976 Attorney General’s report released by Griffin Bell.

Military Strategy

Keegan: ‘Whiz Kids,’ Econometricians Undermine U.S. Strategic Capabilities

An Editorial in the Form of a Letter.


Trudeau Shifts Toward EEC, Signals Split with Carter

Trudeau Scores Election Victory

Berger Report Threatens Canada with Rockefeller’s ‘Project Independence’


Andreotti Gets Green Light To Clean Up Terror Networks

South Moluccan Terrorists Unleashed in Netherlands

Corruption Claims Force Callaghan To Defend Industrial Production Strategy

Middle East

In Wake of Likud Victory: Political Storm Rages in Israel

by Bob Dreyfuss

Milton Friedman: ‘Workers in Israel Will Have To Be Fired’

Saudi Confrontation with Carter Reported

Kuwait Urges Persian Gulf Security Pact

Inside Israel’s Likud Party

Begin Headquartered in Rockefeller Command Post – Likud Knesset Members: A Dossier.


South Africa: Second Thoughts About Carter’s Africa Policy

Young Jeered as Racist in Africa – “Third World Hero.”

U.S.S.R. Opens Peace Initiative on African Horn


Why General Singlaub Is Right

by Daniel Sneider

‘The Indian Political System Is a Shambles’

New Wave Editorial: Let Us Turn Back with Courage.

Latin America

Mexico: Memo Prepared for White House Contradicts Administration Policy on Illegals

Excerpts from the Memo – Hysteria over Illegals Fanned by New York Times – “Soft-Line” Solution: Rural Work Camps.

Peru: Will IMF Get Its Way?

Peruvian Interministerial Commission Program — Central Reserve Bank Program — Peruvian Revolutionary Socialist Party Program: Debt Moratorium.


Judge Rules Carter Officials Must Answer Fusion Foundation Charges


Justice Department Implicated in Teamster Murder?

Teamsters Say: “We Stop Turning The Other Cheek.”