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Volume 4, Number 23, June 7, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 23, June 7, 1977

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Carter Bluffs First Strike Capability  

Belgrade Conference Preparations Threatened by New ‘U-2’ Affair  

‘I Can’t Imagine Anything but Confrontation’  

CSCE Staffer: “The Soviets Will Storm Off and Go Home” – State Department: “Italy and West Germany Will Go Along with Us.”

To the Governments of a World at the Brink of War  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Brezhnev Answers Carter Provocations  

Brezhnev: U.S. Still Trying To Chisel SALT Advantage — Denounce Carter SALT Position.

‘The Maneuvers of the Ideological Diversionaries’  

Excerpts From Red Star


Letter To FEC: Your Actions Are Evidence for Carter’s Impeachment  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Federal Elections Commission Has Become Carter’s Gestapo  

FEC History: Creation of a Plumbers Unit  

FECA Amendments Unconstitutional  

Grid Of Carter’s Plumbers Operations  

FBI Documents Show Four-Year Financial War Against USLP  

Current Legal Actions To Stop FEC Criminality  

Who’s Who in Carter’s Gestapo  

Congress Capitulates on Energy Department, Carter Hardens Policy  

Carter Appoints Trilateral Member for Nuclear Sabotage  


Third World Debt Crisis Breaks in U.S. Press  

Soviets Comment On Third World Debt  

North-South Talks End in Failure  

Big U.S. Banks Exhibit Death Wish  

Parisian Journal Cites Growing LaRouche Influence in U.S.  

Special Economic Survey

New Jersey – State Of The State: High Wages Means Skilled Labor and Efficient Production  

Excerpts from A Report to the Citizens of New Jersey by Leif Johnson, U.S. Labor Party candidate for Governor of New Jersey.


Soviets Report Fast Breeder Developments  

For Third World It’s Nuclear Power or Death  

Science & Technology

Recent Advances Reported at International MHD Symposium  

What Is Magnetohydrodynamics?  

How The Soviets Sputniked the U.S. in MHD  


Italian Terrorist Trials Shake IPS, Rockefeller  

NSC Takes Another Shot At Toppling West Germany’s Schmidt  

Middle East

Gulf States Brace for Mideast War  

The Season of the Generals  

Schindler the Swindler  

Persian Gulf Nations, Arbiters of World Monetary System  

by Bob Dreyfuss

Kuwait Program of International Joint Ventures  

Carter Blew Saudi Oil Field  

Carter Uses Polisario To Upset Algerian Development Stance  

U.S. Threatens Turkey with Coup on Eve of Elections  

Red Sea Crisis Looms As Sadat, NSC Isolate Ethiopia  


Carter Scrambles for Leverage in Southern Africa  

Angolan Leaders Murdered in Coup Attempt  

Putsch Victims Were Top MPLA Cadre.

Italian Communist Party Exposes Coup Plotters  

Neto Exposed “Cobra 77” in February – The Alves Faction: What Is It?


Moscow Delivers Stern Diplomatic Warning to China  

Brezhnev Hits “Dangerous Calculations” of West.

Latin America

Cubans Unmask Carter as a Trilateral Creation  

Rodríguez: “Carter’s Moral Ingredient Much to the Liking of Americans” — Prensa Latina: Rocky’s Trilat Seizes U.S. Executive Power.

Mexico Fights Off Carter Oil Grab  

What U.S. Declaration of Independence Means to Mexico  

U.S.-Mexico Declaration on Drugs  


U.S. Labor Party Brief Charges Conservation Is Unconstitutional  


Carter Puts Welfare Slave-Labor Program into Effect  

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