Volume 4, Number 26, June 28, 1977



France Shuns Soviet Peace Bid; Moscow Renews Transfer Ruble Offer

by Rachel Berthoff

”The Ruble Gamble” — What Brezhnev and Giscard Put on Paper.

The Transfer Ruble: Experience and Prospects for Its Use

by Yurii Konstantinov

Brezhnev to Giscard: Need ‘Joint Action’ To Prevent World War

As Gabriel Heatter Used To Say: ‘Good News Tonight’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S., European Bankers Begin Emergency Planning for Collapse

by David Goldman

The ‘Europa’


Congress Defeats Efforts To Kill Clinch River Breeder Program

NSC Defends Carter Energy Program

Rusk, Stetson Sound War Cry over Energy

NSC Staffer: “It Can’t Happen Here.”

Congressmen Warn Against IMF Bailout

How Not To Spur Global Development

USLP Demolishes Kennedy, S-1 at Senate Hearings

USLP Charges: Carter and FEC Run Protection Racket for Democratic Party Debt

Washington Week: It’s Rough Being a Democrat


Book Review: Towards Full Employment and Price Stability

by David Goldman

Business Outlook: Inflation vs. Illiquidity

Mediterranean, Scandinavian Countries Bankrupt; OECD Paralyzed

How To Buy Gold in Today’s Markets

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Steel: The ‘Over-Capacity’ Delusion

by Lydia Dittler and Joe Stein

Uranium Cartel Scandal Covers ‘Watergate’ Against Rocky’s Enemies

SEC Scandal: Factional Free-for-All Overtakes Lower Manhattan

Science & Technology

Anti-Nuclear Spokesman Fudges Facts

Design Breakthrough of Internal Combustion Engines Stymied

by Wayne Evans

Carter Administration Pressures ERDA’s Kintner To Resign


Call To Investigate the Institute for Policy Studies

Giorni Vie Nuove Retracts IPS Exposé — Pravda Reports Giorni Vie Nuove Exposé

Three Case Studies in IPS-Interpol Terrorism

How the Myth of Nuclear Terrorism Was Created


The Military-Strategic Debate in Western Europe

by John Sigerson

Britain: Grunwick Strike, Test for Government’s Industrial Strategy

Will B.R.D. Labor-Industry Alliance Finish Brandt?

Middle East

Arab, European, Socialist Forces Act To Stem Mideast War Danger

Israelis Continue Lebanon Provocations

U.S. Mideast Policy: ‘Amateur Night in Washington’

Javits Aide: Mideast May Be Carter’s “Third Disaster” – Jackson Aide: Brzezinski’s Policy “Bush League Stuff”, No Peace in Sight – Jewish Lobby: Carter and Brzezinski Going “Down Garden Path.”

Libya’s Pan-Arab Summit Breaks Down over Egyptian, Syrian Vacillation

by Judy Wyer

“Baghdad Knows What It Is Talking About.”

Cyprus Left Seeks Ouster of Rightist Agents

by Nancy Parsons


Renewed Solidarity in North Africa

Brzezinski Cocks Djibouti Trigger Against U.S.S.R.

by Peter Buck

South Africa Daily Steps Up Campaign Against U.S. ‘Dirty Tricks’

Johannesburg Daily: CIA Behind South African Opposition Groups


Election Analysis: Indian State Polls Show Janata’s Weakness

by Leela Narayan

Ex-KCIA Director Testifies Before Congress on Korea Scandal

by Daniel Sneider

“My View of the Present Status of Korea-.U.S. Relations.”

Latin America Economic Survey, Part 1

Mexico’s Vast Oil Resources: For Debt or Development?

Brazil Made Test for Carter ‘Bio-Fuel’ Scheme

by Mark Sonnenblick

U.S. Aims To Loot Oil, Undercut Argentina’s Nuclear Program


New New York Post Kills Hamiltonian Journalism