Volume 4, Number 27, July 5, 1977



New York vs. London: Financiers Brawl over Arab Dollars

Moscow Narodny Bank Confirms Large Scale Transfer Ruble Operations

Moscow Narodny Bank: T-Ruble Offer Is “Strong Message to IMF.”

Special Report: Federal Elections Commission

FEC Demands Free Hand for ‘Plumbers Operation’ Against LaRouche Campaign

LaRouche Charges Carter, FEC with Gross Violations of Human Rights

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Carter’s Enemies List: Targets for Cointelpro

The Economic Warfare Specialists Who Run the FEC

What Is the Twentieth Century Fund?

Who’s Who.

Financial Warfare Costs USLP $15,000 a Week

Human Rights Violations Brought Before International Tribunal

Question Before Congress: Investigation of FEC

‘Does the Campaign Act Cost More Than It’s Worth?’

The Origins of the FEC – 15 Years of Subversion


Carter Renews Confrontation with Soviets, Sparks Controversy in U.S.

by Barbara Barré

State Department: Europe Is Always Nervous

Conservatives Judo Human Rights Issue Against New York Bank Bailout

Some People Have Some Very Cute Tricks Underway

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Congress Threatens Carter with ‘Constitutional Confrontation’ over Breeder

Rocky’s Hacks Plot Intelligence Takeover

by Bob Cohen

‘Franklin-Hamilton’ Tour Builds Whig Coalition

by Nancy Spannaus

New Congressional Watergate Unit Authorized


20th Century Fund Fields New Pension Swindle

New York Commercial Banks Plan To Bankrupt Savings Institutions

Will Managed Dollar Depreciation Slide Out of Control?

U.S. Trade Deficit: The End of American Industrial Superiority

The Real Economic Costs of a Gold-Based Monetary System

by K. Brown (Kathy Brous)


Nelson Rockefeller’s ‘New Look’ Energy Program

by Kathleen Murphy

Rockefeller Says No to Fusion – “1985 Targets” – Conservation a Must – The Trillion Dollar Payoff – “Recommendations For Urgent Action.”


Call for Mediterranean Countries’ Participation at Belgrade

Soviets Bounce Carrillo; Eurocommunism Sings Swan Song

Western Press Looks at Moscow’s Attack on Carrillo.

In France and Germany: The Fight over Nuclear Energy–‘Those Who Work... Those Who Collect Rent...’

Six-Party Accord Signed in Italy

Middle East

U.S. Policy Collapse in Middle East: Brzezinski, Javits Set War Course

by Bob Dreyfuss

PLO Rejects Carter Plans

Soviets: Israel Breakaway a Hoax

Faction Fights in Egypt, Syria

Dayan Associate: The Arabs Will Have To Choose.

Iran Asserts New Independence on Energy Policy and East Bloc Relations

by Judy Wyer

Shah Says ‘Colonialism’ Behind Attacks on His Energy Policy


Security Council Votes Material Support To Mozambique


Top Korean Official Indicts Carter Policy

Latin America

Colombia: Carter’s Pot Farm of the Future

Response Begins to Gomez Hurtado’s Drug-Pushing.

Venezuelan President Upsets Carter’s Plans


Carter Candidates for FBI Chief Candidates Are Fabians in Conservative Clothing

by Marilyn James


Bare Secret Plans To Destroy Teamsters; Throw U.S. Unions into Chaos

by L. Wolfe