Volume 4, Number 31, August 2, 1977



Britain Breaks from the Dollar

Press on the Dollar Collapse

Transfer Ruble Flotation Behind Weakness in Gold Price?

Goodbye Humpty Dumpty

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Carter’s Puppet Attacks Libya

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A Soviet Lesson

General Haig Plays the Hypocrite.


Carter-Mondale Begin Final Solution to Dollar Crisis: Slave Labor, NERA

by Kathy Murphy

Mondale, Humphrey Lead the Way to Fascism

Javits’ Relocation Bill: A Case Study in Boxcar Economics

Federal Employment System Act.

Carter Energy Program: Breezing Through Congress

Curb Federal Election Commission

Washington Week: Carter Scandals Multiply ... But Congress Becalmed


Backing Up the Dollar with ‘Political and Social Discipline’

Europe Industrial Output in Steep Decline

by Louis Carriégues


Ramsey Clark Ran NYC Riots for the Carter White House

‘I Had To Do Some Tall Talking’

Dinkins: Shinn Can Reach Me Day or Night

Ramsey Clark: Profile of a Political Terrorist


Role Reversal: How Andreotti Pulled the Wool over the White House

British Break with Dollar Averts Near-Term Union Conflict

French Government Bans ‘Eco-Freak’ Demonstration Against Fast Breeder Reactor

Middle East

Middle East, North Africa Nuclear ‘Balkans’

Egypt-Libya Truce Precarious

by Mark Burdman

Libya Central to European-Arab-Comecon Trade Arrangements

Libyan Arab Foreign Bank: For Development of the Third World

European Press on Egypt-Libya Conflict

Italian Diplomacy in Mideast

Horn of Africa Heats Up

by Peter Buck

Soviets Back OPEC To Expedite Break with Dollar

New Bombardment of Lebanon Shatters Fragile Truce

Carter, Vance ‘Split’ on Israel’s West Bank Settlements


China at the Crossroads

by Peter Rush

Latin America

Mexicans Challenge Europe To Create New World Economic Order

Mexican Deputy: New Order or War – ”Atlanticism Is Obsolete” – Call for a European-Latin Bank.

Brazilian Economy: Milked, But No Sugar

by Mark Sonnenblick