Volume 4, Number 32, August 9, 1977



Europeans Announce a Decisive Break with Carter

by David Goldman

New Arab-Europe Banks Converge on LaRouche’s IDB Plan

Jürgen Ponto Victim of Carter Administration Assassination

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

What Ponto Had Accomplished.

Send Security to LaRouche over State Department Sabotage

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on the Terrorists’ ‘Scorched Earth’ Strategy

Atlanta Journal Breaks LaRouche Assassination Plot

Policies for Terrorist Target Victims

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Rockefeller Launches Campaign To Smash OPEC

Energy Department, Schlesinger Confirmation Breeze Past Wilted Whigs

Carter: Voluntary Energy Controls Are Not Enough

Time for Kissinger: Nelson’s Boys Rip Carter Foreign Policy Debacle

Quotations from Chairman Zbiggy.

Kissinger Sets Up Brzezinski by Calculated Leak, Setting Off Storm of Protest

Tass Declines U.S. Offer of West German Territory.

Will Congress Use Maritime Scandal for Cartergate?

by Maureen Manning


Foreign Exchange: Still Waiting for the Other Shoe To Drop

Production Breakdown Sends Stocks in Tailspin


The Politics of Developing International Uranium Reserves

by William Engdahl

Soviet Paper Interviews French Official on Breeder.

Soviet Sector

Soviet Issue Daily Warnings on Danger of World War III

“The Dangerous Course” — Washington “Brings World Closer to Nuclear Holocaust” — “Does the F.R.G. Need the U.S. Neutron Bomb?” — Real Threat of a New War, Says Soviet Navy’s Commander — “Oil Multinationals” Responsible for African Tensions — “The Salvation of Humanity.”

Middle East

Vance Succeeds in First Leg of Tour: Mideast Crisis Set Up

by Mark Burdman

Sadat on the Ropes


U.S.S.R. in African Peace Offensive

by Peter Buck


Japan Looking for a Way Out of the Dollar System

by Kevin Coogan

ASEAN Heads of State Meet, Look to Japan for Economic Aid

Latin America

Carter To Scapegoat Congress for Panama Explosion

by Dan Wasserman

NSC Briefed Press on Latin War Scenarios — What Do We Do with the Panama Canal?

Background to a ‘Managed’ Crisis

The Panama Scenario.

Rocky’s Panama Scenario

Who Are the U.S. Negotiators?

A Chronology of Destabilization