Volume 4, Number 33, August 16, 1977



Dollar Shakeout Begins

by David Goldman

Mr. Witteveen’s Partial Victory at Paris

Banks Are Squeezed on International Credit Markets

Burns Tries To Save New York Banks; Ruins the Dollar

by Richard Freeman

Germany, Japan Refuse Full-Steam Inflation To Bail Out Dollar

Vance Sets Arabs and Israelis Up To Start World War III

Brzezinski Tricks Begin into Breakaway Ally Set-Up

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Ethiopia Gets OAU Backing


Scramble for White House: Lancegate Starts Dump-Carter Drive

U.S. Press Assails Lance, Carter Connections

File 1976 Vote Fraud Complaints Against Carter, Mondale

Humphrey Leads Carter Forced Work Campaign

Conservatives Vote Yes on Whig Coalition


Turner Lies to the Gullible: Soviet Economy Will Collapse

Turner Report Debunked from All Sides — The Real Soviet Oil Situation.

Pravda: Nuclear Power the Only Solution

Soviet Sector

An Understandable Soviet Blunder

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Brandt Directs Rocky’s Terror Against Europe

”I Don’t Like the Word Terrorism” – “Advocatus Diaboli.”

Xerox Copy of Nazi Coalition

U.S. Labor Party Activates ‘Operation Counterterror’

Who the Terrorists Are.

Counterterror Operations in Europe and the U.S.A.

French Oil Magazine: A Connection Between Ecology Terror and Carter Energy Policy

French Press United vs. Ecologists.

Sweep Up West German Anti-Nuclear Rabble

Milanese Police Uncover Plot To Assassinate Tito’s Vice President

‘Shadow of Secret Service’ Behind Italian Red Brigades

Crackdown Begins on U.S. Terrorists

by Michele Steinberg


Two Policies for Italy

IMF: Cut Public Sector Now – U.S.S.R.: Step Up in T-Ruble Trade

Andreotti Seeks Stronger Economic Ties with Saudis

Middle East

Iranian Cabinet Shuffle – Shah Plays Footsie with Carter

by Judy Wyer

Will New Cyprus Crisis Follow Makarios’s Death?

by Nancy Parsons

Latin America

Argentina: ‘Shock Therapy’ To Reduce Inflation

by Dolia Estévez