Volume 4, Number 35, August 29, 1977



Carter Presides over Collapse of World Economy

Lancegate Becomes Cartergate — September Constitutional Crisis Likely

Sept. 8 Set as New Date for LaRouche Assassination

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


U.S. Press: ‘More At Stake Than Bert Lance’

Lance Scandal To Push Fascist Banking Laws

Conservatives Suckered into Rocky’s Panama Canal ‘Diversion’

Bare ‘Fist,’ ‘Sweep’ Plots To ‘Terminate’ USLP

by Donald Baier

UAW Officials Caught in Collusion with Carter Administration’s ‘Operation Fist’

The Mondale Option

by Kathleen Murphy


Citibank Out To Humble Chase

OPEC Prepares Break with Dollar

An Open Memo to the Journal of Commerce: Reject Self-Proving Pessimism!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Leading Environmentalists Detail Plot To Bankrupt Nuclear Industry

Amory Lovins: ‘Europe Has Neanderthal Pro-Nuclear Policy’

Military Strategy

The Collins Report: Prelude to New Security Debate

by Ron Kastner and Bob Cohen


The Buckley Family - Part II: Wall Street Fabians in the Conservative Movement

by Scott Thompson


France’s Diplomatic Offensive in Africa

by Jean-Claude Barré

De Guiringaud Reports on His African Tour

French Peace Moves in Southern Africa Target of Anglo-American Sabotage

Middle East

Menachem Begin in Romania on Peace Bid

PLO Leader: Use Oil Only as Positive Weapon

General Keegan: U.S. Should Support a Palestinian State

Arabs Willing To Sign Treaty with Israel

U.S.S.R. Steps Up Pace of Middle East Diplomacy

Palestinians Reject Vance Ploy To Split PLO

Kissinger and Dayan Raise Spectre of New Lebanon Civil War

IMF Sets September Deadline for Turks

Asian Economic Survey

Blumenthal Currency Manipulation Sends Japan into Financial Crisis

by Richard Katz

Latin America

Rockefeller’s ‘Left’ Terrorism Operates in Venezuela

Massacre in Mexico Timed To Intimidate López Portillo