Volume 4, Number 37, September 12, 1977



‘Environmentalists’ Murder Again

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Schleyer Kidnapping

Schmidt: “The State Will Respond” — West German Press Identifies “Centrally Coordinated” Terror, British Control – Terror Expert: B.R.D. Terror Will Definitely Continue.

Andreotti-Communist Party Collaboration Is Target of Terrorist ‘Hot Autumn’

French Steps Toward Terrorist Crackdown

Britain Besieged by Left-Right Violence


Conservatives Pushing Back Against Mondale Option

‘Lancegate’ Escalates to Calls for Carter’s Ouster

by Kathy Murphy

Who’s Kissinger Now?

Koreagate Witchhunt in Congress Set To Begin with Park Indictment

Backlash to Carter’s Energy Package Spurs Senate Action

LaRouche: Distinguished Soldier Leads New Fight

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


British Bubble To Burst, Pound Collapse Near

by Alice Roth

Lazard Frères’ ENCONO Will Destroy Northeast Industry

by L. Wolfe

The Dilemma of East Bloc Debt: Military Solution Or New World Monetary Order – Part II

by Louis Carriègue

Chase: Move for Control of Polish Funds.

France, B.R.D. Act To Save European Industry


Japan On Short End of A-Plant Compromise

France’s La Hague Facility Becoming Center of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Industry

Military Strategy

U.S.S.R. Slams Door on Vance-Gromyko Meet

U.S. Military Faction Hits War-Provoking ‘Utopians’


The Buckley Family — Part IV: Wall Street Fabians in the Conservative Movement

by Scott Thompson

Middle East

The ‘Connally Connection’ in the Middle East

Mondale Man Dayan Prepares Coup in Israel

Syria, Libya Coordinate Peace Efforts with France and Soviet Union

Sadat Scrambles To Stay Afloat.

Shah’s East Bloc Tour Sets Stage for Bargaining With Carter

by Judy Wyer


Anglo-American ‘Peace’ Initiative Custom-Tailored for War

The Anglo-American Proposals — Reactions to the Proposals.


Indian Journalist Traces Janata’s Anti-Nehru Policies

by Girish Mathur

New Shifts in Japan

by Kevin Coogan

Latin America

Portillo’s State of the Union Address a Rebuff to Right Wing and Carter

Peru Strikes Deal with Citibank: Will It Work?


World News Roundup

Somalis Isolated in Expansionist Try for Ogaden Region – Tito, Chinese Disagree – USLP Presses for Full Discovery on Federal Elections Commission – Collision Course with Labor Threatens Civil War in Colombia – Manpower Planner To Bust Wage Rates – Governors Blast Humphrey-Hawkins; Support Demos Flop – France Will Honor Pakistan Reprocessing Contract – Friedrichs To Replace Ponto.