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Volume 4, Number 38, September 20, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 38, September 20, 1977

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British Wreck Ponto Plan for Arab Investment, Unleash Chaos  

by David Goldman

Shame on the London Times  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

B.R.D. Press Links Brandt to Terror  

Italian Press Exposes Wall Street Funding of Anti-Nuclear ‘Ecology’ Campaigns  

Call To Investigate Weathermen  


Rocky, Rohatyn Push for Energy Fascism  

Nelson Rockefeller: $100 Billion for Starters  

ENCONO Bill Splits, Balkanizes U.S.  

ENCONO Is ‘Missing Link in Carter Energy Program’  

Rohatyn: “Rockefeller’s Plan Is Inept” – Rohatyn Plan Needs OPEC Funds – Rohatyn: “Indeed the ‘Moral Equivalent’ of War” – Rohatyn: “I Am a Financial Surgeon” – Rostow: “Weave Private-Public Enterprise Together” – Rostow: Need Both Rocky and Rohatyn Plans.

Schlesinger Has Carte Blanche To Run Energy Dictatorship  

Lazard Staging Lancegate in Grab for Federal Monies  

Lance Fights Back — Press Admits Lance Won First Round.

Lazard Press Goes After Rocky  

Village Voice: “Exclusive” on David Rockefeller’s “Mafia” Tactics – New York Post: Rocky’s State Cop Spying – Rocky Accused of “Lying” in Nursing Home Scandal.

FBI Drops Investigation of USLP  


Debt Plunges Western Europe into New Trade Collapse  

by Alice Roth

Flow of Third World Loans Go to Debt Payment As Economic Crisis Worsens  

France Signs Deals with Iran, East Bloc  

Agriculture: Carter Malthusianism Exposed in French Press  

by Richard Schulman

Le Figaro: “A World Hunger Policy.”


What’s Behind the Oil Glut?  

by Judy Wyer

Schlesinger Sets Stage for Replay of Natural Gas Emergency  

by William Engdahl

A Capsule History of Federal Oil and Gas Regulation.


Open Memorandum to the Soviet Politburo: Georgii Arbatov’s Links to Lazard Frères’ Fascism  

Lazard Frères Launches Assassins Against Soviet Military Personnel  


France, Poland Reinforce Ties To Oppose Fascism and War  

France: Union of the Left on the Rocks: Lazard Agents Fail  

Heath-Thatcher Deal To Boost Tories?  

Fabian Journalist Sets Up Callaghan for Fall  

Middle East

‘Our Crowd’ Banks Move To Install Dayan in Power in Israel  

by Mark Burdman

Dayan Plan for West Bank Draws International Press Fire  

Israel, Final Obstacle to Lebanon Peace Accord  

New Move To Unite Tunisia with Libya  


Sudan Cabinet Reshuffle Signals Numeiry Move Away from Carter  


The Struggle for Indian Freedom: A New Program – Part 1  

Latin America

Panama Canal Treaty Controversy: Chance for Anti-Monetarist Foreign Policy  

Reagan: Treaties No Substitute For Economic Development — Crane: Banks Want Treaty — President Carter and General Torrijos: “Two Kinds of Truth” — Excerpts from Panama Canal Treaties.

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