Volume 4, Number 39, September 27, 1977



IMF Annual Meeting: Prospects for Bailout Dim

On the Agenda for Third World: Rural Development, No Debt Relief

Where the Fight for Arab Money Stands

IMF Bailout Prepares Monetary Disaster

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Policy Scramble in Washington in Wake of Lance Ouster

Wieghart: Break Up Georgia Mafia

Lance Counterattack Opens Battle Against New York Control over Nation’s Capital

Multipartisan Criticism of Media, Support for Lance

Who Is the Atlanta Mafia?

Atlanta Banker: No Affinity for New York.

Open Letter to Jimmy Carter: The ‘Jewish Lobby’ Does Not Own Israel

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

House Votes Full Funding for Clinch River Breeder

by William Engdahl and Kathy Stevens

Lazard Tries To Steal Rocky’s Thunder

by L. Wolfe

CIA Economist Admits Being Forced To Produce Incompetent Oil Estimates

Fall Primaries Confer Major Party Status


Business Week Blows the Whistle on Federal Reserve Chief Burns

Citibank, Swiss Gain Edge in Race for Euro-Funds; Commentators Moot ‘Cold, Hard Reality’

‘From Austerity to No-Growth’


Policy Statement on Use of Bundeswehr Against Terrorists

WerBell Bids Soviets Crack Down on Terrorists

by Mitchell L. WerBell III


Lazard Terror Operation Dangerously Weakens Schmidt, Andreotti Governments

Franco-German Alliance Can Break Lazard Control

Cossiga: Coexist with Terror or Go to War

West Germany’s Ruling SPD Splits over Nuclear Energy Issue

Italy: PCI Mobilizes Against Fascist Demo at Bologna

France: Barre and Carter: Polite Disagreement on Just About Everything


Dayan, Sadat Exposed in Alliance for Mideast War

Anwar Sadat: Israeli Agent

Dayan, Carter Didn’t Meet Eye to Eye

Israel Makes Military Grab for Southern Lebanon

by Judy Wyer


The Struggle for Indian Freedom: A New Program – Part 2

New Wave Call To Defend Indian Science

by Ganesh Shukla

Defeat Janata’s Anti-Science Conspiracy ... Save CSIR.

Latin America

Colombia: When the Shock Treatment Doesn’t Work

by Laurence Hecht

Jamaican Communist Party Chief: Stop Debt Payment To Halt IMF Coups

$5 Billion in Foreign Credits Per Year Must Go for Mexican Energy Expansion