Volume 4, Number 40, October 4, 1977



International Monetary Fund Meeting Is a Washout

What the International Journals Are Saying.

Raymond Barre: ‘The World Economy Suffers from Absence of a Real International Monetary System’

International Press Slams IMF Austerity, Reflation

Who Is Denis Healey?

by Marla Minnicino


Congress Deadlocked on Energy: Mondale Allies Paralyze Senate

Roger Starr: Move the People to the Jobs

WEEP: Schlesinger Plan for National Industrial Shutdown

McCrary Cites Pattern of 1977 Election Fraud; Calls for Emergency Action by Congress and Public

by Colonel Thomas McCrary

Full text of his statement to the U.S. Congress.

Rohatyn’s Northeast Energy Corporation Introduced in Senate

Establishment Press Nominates Carter for Vice President


Steel: A National Crisis

Gold Up, Dollar Down

North Sea Oil Bubble Hitting the Rocks


The Ideology of the Parti Quebecois: The Heritage of Abbé Groulx

by Jane Berg

Parti Quebecois Collaborates with Rohatyn on Energy.

Canada Shifts to Pro-Industrial Stance

European Economic Survey

De Gaulle-Adenauer-Type Alliance Emerges: Focus on European Economic Recovery

The British in Europe: De Gaulle’s Worst Fears Realized?

by Pamela Goldman

Why Reflation Won’t Work in West Germany

by Alice Roth

B.R.D.: Industrial Colossus with Feet of Clay

by James Cleary


Begin Overrules Dayan on Lebanon Truce: International Consensus Grows for Mideast Peace

Carter on the PLO

Arafat: Overtures to Geneva

Guiringaud: PLO Is Crucial to Peace – Gromyko: Geneva with Israel and PLO – Forlani: Israel Must Recognize PLO – State Department Rift on PLO?

Brzezinski Advises Carter To Prepare U.S. Military Move into Persian Gulf

by Judy Wyer

Red Star, Sept. 25: “Threats of an Israeli General” – U.S. Think-Tanker on Israeli Strategy and PRM-10.

Latin America

Mexico Prepares Break with Dollar, IMF

El Sol: Pressures from the IMF – Popular Socialist Party: Mexico Must Break with Dollar – IMF Wants Mexico on the Gangplank – Mexican Congressmen Hit IMF – El Sol: Growth or Injustice.

LaRouche Proposes Amendment to Panama Treaty

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.