Volume 4, Number 41, October 11, 1977



Carter’s Mideast Shift Clears Way to Peace

U.S.-Soviets Issue Joint Statement for Middle East Peace — Carter Opens Door for Greater Cooperation on Arms Limitation, Regional Conflicts.

Italy, West Germany Support U.S.-Soviet Accord

West European Diplomat Outlines Course of Mideast

Euro Press Response to Moves Towards Geneva

Expert: Carter Can’t Back Down on Mideast Initiative.

Dayan, Mondale Tied to Sabotage Against U.S.-Soviet Peace Moves

by Mark Burdman

Jewish Lobby Attacks U.S.-Soviet Accord

Fabian Press Rejects Carter’s Middle East Diplomacy


Mondale ‘Conservationists’ Routed As Senate Scuttles Energy Package

Schlesinger: Let’s Have a Real Cold Winter

A Competent Energy Policy To Fill the Vacuum: The Nuclear Energy Development Act of 1977

U.S. Labor Party Presents Evidence of Massive Vote Fraud

Open Letter To William Brock: Some Republicans Have Lousy Intelligence Sources

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


The London Conspiracy To Destroy the Dollar

The Dollar Can Be Saved with a High-Technology Export Policy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

British Manipulate Dollar Collapse, Move for Pax Britannica

by Alice Roth

British, U.S. Banks Scramble for OPEC Funds

The $40 Billion Noose – The Economist, Oct. 1: Talking America into a Recession – “The Money Is Coming Our Way” – “The Arabs Have Been With Us for Years.”

Anglo-Americans Unleash Protectionist Drive in U.S.

“The Last Thing the World Needs Is Another Steel Plant” – Why Won’t the Steel Companies Do It Themselves?


OPEC Nations Urge Energy Growth, Not Cutbacks

Algeria: Europe and U.S. Eager To Invest in Liquefied Natural Gas – Algerian Oil Leader: Exploit Total Gas Reserves — Persian Gulf: Major Investments in Advanced Technology – Mexico: Still Committed to Natural Gas Pipeline – Canada: Finance Minister Calls for End to Pipeline Moratorium.

Science & Technology

Soviets Offer Breakeven Fusion Experiment to Los Alamos Lab

by Charles B. Stevens

U.S.S.R. Hands Nuclear Research Data to U.S. Scientists

Excerpts From Soviet Research Report


European Terror Networks Threatened But Not Broken

“Lawyer” Croissant Arrested in Paris — Anti-Terror Legislation in West Germany — Schleyer Still Alive – French Act Quickly To End Orly Hijacking.

Japanese Red Army Surfaces Again in Destabilization of Japan


France, West Germany Coordinate Efforts for Nuclear Development

West Germany’s CDU Proposes Nuclear Development Program — Le Figaro: Fusion Required To Solve Energy Crisis.

‘Basket 2’ Economics Up Front As Belgrade Conference Opens

Britain: Unions Give a Qualified ‘Yes’ to Callaghan

France: Union of the Left Break Means PCF Must Renew Program


Front-Line Alliance Endangered in Southern Africa


India in Turmoil After Gandhi Arrest

LaRouche: British MI-6 Runs ‘Sunni Caper’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Latin America

Mexico, Brazil, and Venezuela Fight IMF with Energy Policy

Perez: Sovereignty Depends on Integration – Brazilian Official Ties Human Rights to Progress.