Volume 4, Number 42, October 18, 1977



Dollar Speculation Goes Out of Control; Two-Tier Credit System the Only Answer

by David Goldman

British ‘Boom’ May Be Bust

Franco-German Alliance for Nuclear Energy Reinforced by Japan

Mexican Government Backs Nuclear Effort

West German Spokesmen Hit Zero-Growth, Call for Responsibility Towards Third World

A Survey of Franco-German Energy Deals, Sept. 1-Oct. 5


Republicans Demand Nuclear Energy

Teller: Nuclear Technology Export the Only Alternative to War

What Connally Really Said

Connally Urges Nuclear Energy Development; Labor-Industry Alliance for Growth — What Other Papers Said He Said.

Schlesinger Organizes for Oil Embargo and Energy Dictatorship

Schlesinger’s WEEP Powers To Become Operational Nov. 1; Senate Committee Wants Them Even Tougher

Testimony of John F. O’Leary, Administrator, Federal Energy Administration, before the Senate Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations – Extracts from the Committee’s Report on “Preparedness for Winter.”

Senator Long Proposes $100 Billion Energy Development Program


Interest Rate Hikes Will Dry Up Capital Investment

Banker Worried About Money Supply.

West European Gold Operation Takes Jabs at London

Lazard Moves In With Steel Cartelization Plans

Kuhn Loeb’s Samuels Elaborates.

London Seeks European Control through EEC


Percy Bill Would Hamper U.S. Nuclear Export

by William Engdahl

Westinghouse Objects to Nonproliferation Bill

Science & Technology

Fusion Breakthrough Revealed by Polish Scientist

by Steven Bardwell

Soviet Sector

British-Based ‘Dissidents’ Threaten Destabilization in Poland

Peasant Agriculture Drains Polish Economy

by Lana Wolfe and Rachel Berthoff

Eyewitness Report from Warsaw: A Scene of Backwardness and Pervasive Demoralization

by Steven Bardwell


IEA Meeting in Paris Rebuffs Schlesinger, But Calls for U.S. Oil Cuts

Euro Press Scores Schlesinger’s No-Growth Energy Program

Europeans Applaud As Mitterrand Hits the Rocks

by Dana Sloan

West Germany: Brandt Plays SPD Left Against Schmidt

by James Cleary

Middle East

Israel’s Dayan Is Main Threat to Geneva Accord

by Bob Dreyfuss

U.S.-Soviet Communiqué a Sellout – “Ominous Mutterings” Against Dayan – Jerusalem Post: It Was Mondale vs. Brzezinski on U.S.-Soviet Statement.

U.S.-Soviet Global Deal in the Works

Israel Breaks Lebanon Ceasefire

North Yemen Assassination Linked to Saudi, British Policy Interests

Iran: Why MI-6 and Its Saudi Friends Are Out To Get the Shah

by Judy Wyer


Southeast Asia Seeks U.S. Technology, and the Wherewithal To Buy It

Nucleus Development To Expand Indonesian Economy

Attempted Bangladesh Coup – Latest Move in Destabilization of the Subcontinent

by Daniel Sneider


What Is There To Strike About?

Labor’s Just Demands – Provoked Strikes To Be Pretext for Schlesinger WEEP Dictatorship – No-Win School Strikes Sparked by Education Collapse.