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Volume 4, Number 44, November 1, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 44, November 1, 1977

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The London Plot To Destroy the Dollar  

Arabs Told by British To Pull Out of Dollar – Hudson Institute: Saudis Caught Between Britain and U.S.

British Plan Economic Recovery at the Expense of Industrialized Nations  

Interviews and Speeches: Healey, Richardson, Barclays Bank.

City of London in Hot Water  

NATO in Caesar’s Foolish Footsteps  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

All-Out Battle over U.S. Foreign Policy  

“Sure Schlesinger Knows About It.”

State Department Official Pinpoints U.S.-Soviet Common Interests  

Deal Struck on Energy Bill As Labor, Industry Discontent Rises  

“Schlesinger – Brains of a Goose” – Strauss: “Preferred Policy and Practical Policy” – Connally Goes After “Alien Philosophy” – “Carter Will Compromise” – Wall Street Journal Editorial: “Selling The Eskimos.”

Carter’s Fence-Mending Tour a Fiasco  

Teamsters’ President Declares War on Union Busters  

USLP Urges IBT Support B.R.D. Workers’ Nuclear Stance  

World Focuses on Dortmund Rally for Nuclear Energy  


U.S. Labor Party Campaign White Paper: How Debt Destroyed New York City’s Economy  

by Stephen Parsons


Stevenson, Schlesinger Sabotage Mexican Gas Pipeline  

Stevenson’s Office: Give Schlesinger Leverage – Department of Energy: The Stevenson Resolution “Doesn’t Hurt” – Export Executive: Exporters Out in the Cold.

French Oil Journal Urges Revised U.S. Energy Program  

Eximbank: Life Will Be Very Complicated.


France, West Germany Form Axis for Energy, Economic Cooperation  

Schmidt-Barre Talks: “Thinking About The Future” – U.S. Press Break on Franco-German Alliance – Schmidt Proclaims Humanist Policies – West Germany, Bulgaria Sign Joint Anti-Terror Declaration – New World Order on Agenda of Moscow Talks with French Officials – Brezhnev on European Détente – French Economic Planner Denounces Low Production Policies – Chirac: Mitterand Is Dangerous.

Troubled Spanish Economy Turns to Triangular Trade Expansion  

by R.D. Morales

Middle East

Israeli Hawks Jeopardizing Geneva  

Saudi Foreign Minister: Palestinian State a Necessity – Yadin: A Branch of Military Intelligence.

Persian Gulf States Close Ranks Against Threat of Terrorism, Invasion  

Libya Leads Drive for Euro-Maghreb Unity  


Exclusive Report from Mozambique: A High Price for Development  

by C. Allen

Cuba And Mozambique Collaborate  

LaRouche: South Africa-Mozambique Tie, Key to Peace  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Black African Diplomat: South African Arrests, a Vorster Bid To Block Regional War  

Latin America

European Tours, Deals Show ‘Mexico Is Going Nuclear’  


1976 Virginia Vote Fraud Proven in U.S. Labor Party Study  

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