Volume 4, Number 45, November 8, 1977



Latest Stage in Dollar-Pound Battle: Central Bank Support Operation for Dollar?

by David Goldman

“Luxembourg Plan Will Favor Exports” – West German Press Looks Grimly at Pound Sterling.


Foreign Policy Battle: Geneva, Détente at Stake

I. The Administration Reaffirms Commitment to Peace, SALT – II. From the Soviet Side, Brezhnev Offers Concession on Nuclear Blasts – III. The Coalition To Wreck Geneva: Inside the Jewish Lobby – Nitze and Co. Fire Torpedoes at SALT – “Human Rights” Revised To Wreck U.S.-Soviet Relations.

GOP Dumb-Bunnies Join Effort To Stop Geneva

John Connally: New Threat to Fabian Democrats

Congress Report: Jawboning an Energy ‘Compromise’

“The Answer Is To Produce More.”

DOE Fight: Schlesinger’s Covert War To Keep Nuclear Advocates Out

by Carol Lerner

Why the Labor Party Backs Thorne’s Nomination


Eurodollar Lending Spree Entraps U.S. Commercial Banks

Soviets Equivocate on T-Ruble

Fekete Explains the Basis for Expanded T-Ruble Role Then Bows to Oblomov

The Blumenthal Tax Program: Revival of the ‘British System’

by Richard Schulman


Mexico To Use Oil Reserves To Become Advanced Sector Nation

Misinformation Campaign Hides Schlesinger Sabotage of U.S.-Mexico Energy Cooperation


Labor News: ‘Depression’ Strikes Sweep Country

Banking Economist: Labor-Industry Confrontation on Agenda.

West German Unions, Industrialists Unite for Dortmund Nuclear Rally

North American Labor and Industry Leaders Endorse Dortmund Rally.

Fitzsimmons’s Testimony Answers Senate Subcommittee

Enemies of Labor: Humphrey-Hawkins Just Around the Corner?

Conyers Ponders Shorter Work Week Legislation — Globe Democrat: Short Work Week No Solution.

Fight Emerging over U.S. Steel Policy: The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid


Franco-German Counterterror Focuses on British

New York Daily News: Frankfurt School Created Baader-Meinhof – Die Welt: Baader-Meinhof Links Extend to Paris, London – French Weekly: Terrorists Aided by Infiltrators in EEC, Finance Ministries.

H.H.A. Cooper: Terrorism To Escalate, U.S. Prime Target

Bowyer Bell: ‘Everyone Wants To Make Terrorism Look Like a Conspiracy’

Soviet Sector

Soviet Harvest 20 Million Tons Short

Poland Seeks To Buy Western Grain

Polish Prime Minister Jaroszewicz: Shortages and Discipline – Vicious Cycle in Polish Trade Revealed.


Economic Program of Franco-German Alliance Takes Shape

Saltzgitter Head: “Compete” by Upgrading Workforce – West German Industrialist Calls for Investment Drive – A New “Super North-South Conference?”

Schmidt: ‘We Need Nuclear Energy Despite Carter’s Reservations’

FBIS Caught in Distortion of Schmidt’s IISS Speech.

How Cuccia Destroyed Montedison

by Margaret Bardwell

Blumenthal Demands Humphrey-Hawkins for Italy–Or Else

Middle East

Israeli Austerity Crisis Paves Way for Yadin-Dayan Takeover

Israel Will Take Atomic Energy Help Where It Can Get It

Syria and PLO Square Off Against Egypt

IMF Foments Government Crisis in Turkey

by Nancy Parsons

Morgan Guaranty: “The IMF Is Having Trouble” – “The IMF Is Naive.”


Currency Chaos Is Hurting Japan–Deliberately

by Richard Katz

China’s Teng Seeks World ‘United Front’ Against Soviets