Volume 4, Number 46, November 15, 1977



Israel Bloodies Lebanon To Wreck Sadat’s Geneva Gambit

Sadat Wavers On Geneva — Sadat Speech Easing Israel to Geneva?

The Step-by-Step Conspiracy

Jerusalem Post: “To Geneva and Back.”

Saudis Focus Arab Unity Moves, Push for Geneva

“The Saudis Have Thrown Down the Gauntlet.”

Inside Syria: Lebanon Is Still the Issue

U.S. Report

U.S. Voters Say No to Zero Growth

Buffalo: Case Study of a Winning Strategy — New Jersey Fiasco — Nuclear Power Shapes Virginia Race — Terrorists Defeated — Referendum Against Fraud.

Ohio, Washington Voters Reject Mondale Fraud Package

1977 Labor Party Election Results Point to Fraud

Everyone’s ‘After Carter’

Elephants and Nebbishes

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Kissinger: Disregard Carter’s Mideast Efforts

Administration Musters Senate Forces To Fight for SALT

Social Dems: Carter “Weak” Because He Wants Peace.

Pentagon Study Reviewing Joint Chiefs Role


Fed, Europeans Refuse To Stabilize Dollar; London Moves into Breach

The Basel Washerwoman’s Cartel

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Japan Sets Energy Links with U.S.S.R. in Response to Rigged Currency, Oil Crisis

Beefed-Up Exim Bank Touted as Dollar Crisis Solution

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Prepares Way for Increased Role for Gold

How The Luxembourg Tax Laws Will Work.

What’s Wrong with the Canadian Economy

by Peter Wyer


Carter’s Energy Address: Sacrifice and Bust OPEC

Fast Breeder Still Alive Despite Carter Veto

Congress Debates Clinch River – WPIX-TV Urges Veto Override on Breeder – Is the New York Times Printing the Whole Truth on Breeder Vote? – Coleman Nomination Criticized by Energy Austerity Advocated – Environmentalists in Full Deployment To Bankrupt Nuclear Industry.


AFL-CIO’s IUD Conference: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards

The IUD Resolution On Energy.

Fitzsimmons Holds Firm at Senate Hearings

50,000 West German Trade Unionists Demonstrate for Nuclear Energy

The UAW on Nuclear Power: Then and Now

The Plot To Rationalize U.S. Steel and Who’s Behind It


Exporting Puerto Rico’s Terror

by Paul Goldstein, Ivan Gutierrez, Daniel Méndez Taylor, and Fernando Oliver

From the Mainland – Chomsky: We’re Just for Human Rights – Pacifist: Terrorist Shouldn’t Be in Jail – “Political Prisoner”: Next Time We Will Kill 25 Apiece – The Island Reign of Terror – A Chronology of The Terror Wave.


West Party Endorses Nuclear Energy, Fusion

CDU Calls Upon Other Parties To Support Fission-Fusion – Strengthened Schmidt Will Resist SPD Ecologists.

Counterterror Policy Guidelines Recommended to West German Government

Britain: Labor Strife Masks Opposition to Healey

Callaghan Fails To Consolidate Counterpole.

France: Gaullist Chirac on ‘Mastering the Future’

Spain: Lister’s Return Sparks Communist Party Faction Fight


China’s Press Reveals That ... Factional Squabbles Dominate Country’s Leadership

China’s Economy – China on Education – Maoism Gets Backhanded Lashing.