Volume 4, Number 47, November 22, 1977



The Sadat-Begin Meeting: More Than Geneva Hangs in the Balance

by Robert Dreyfuss

Sadat Visit Reveals Geneva Policy Split

Best Bet Is Separate Peace – For a Comprehensive Regional Settlement.

Begin, Dayan Rift Widens

Shah Pushes Hard Bargain for Nuclear Development

by Judy Wyer

Terrorism: “A Sort Of Cold War.”

U.S. Report

Schlesinger Strategy on Energy: Bludgeon Opposition into ‘Compromise’

Energy Debate: A Sample – Anderson: “Trying To Work Out the Best Package” – House Liberals Threaten Veto—Sort Of – U.S. Press Differs on Administration Energy Policy.

Shah’s Nuclear Offer Heats U.S. Energy Fight

Senator Hits White House Sabotage of Iran Deal – Shah to U.S.: Find New Energy Sources or Perish – The Press on the Iran-U.S. Deal – Carter Hails Nuclear Fusion ...?

Purge of Energy Department Nuclear Advocates Stepped Up

‘Dump Schlesinger’ Movement Grows, Say Columnists – Text of the Council on Environmental Quality Memo to the President – Schlesinger Another “Henry Kissinger,” Says CEQ Aide – White House Faction Leaks Internal Memos To Kill Thorne Nomination.

Business in Phony Deal with Carter

by David Goldman

“Left-Wing” Dems Demand “Jobs, Any Jobs” – Conference Calls for Decentralization, Corporate Socialism, and Wind Power.

Kissinger, Hoping for a Comeback, Seeks To Wreck Geneva

Jacksonites, Israel Lobbyists Go After Defense Department.


Foreign Trade Meeting Clings to Protectionism, Slower Growth

Industrialized Nations’ Exports Collapse — Carter: Deficits a Fact of Life – Blumenthal: Support Carter Anti-Energy Policy – “Wages Inflationary” – Emminger: I Want a Strong Dollar – Strauss: U.S. Demands Protectionism – “The President Has No Inclination For Nuclear Production” – Katz: Progress Is Illicit Activity – Katz: Europe Can’t Retaliate Against U.S. – Mitsui President: U.S. Should Help Japan and Developing Asia.

Change Exim into Bank for Nuclear Export

by Criton Zoakos

Run on Yen Throws World Monetary Policy Off Balance

by David Goldman

U.S. Business Counters Declining Profits with Cost-Cutting, Fast-Buck Speculation

by Richard Freeman

European Central Banks To Mobilize Gold Reserves?

Steel Reference Price Proposal Masks Rationalization of World Steel

Protectionist Challenge Hits Soviet Merchant Fleet.

OPEC: Big Producers Line Up for a Slim Price Increase

A Fifth Column in OPEC.


World Nuclear Drive Makes Headway

Science & Technology

Major Fusion Breakthroughs Reported

by Charles Stevens

Eyewitness Report: Soviet Scientist Opens International Nuclear Energy Drive

by Charles Stevens

Miami Conference: Fission-Fusion Technology Feasible, Necessary

Soviet Scientist: If We Can Coordinate Efforts, Fusion Can Be Achieved


Carter Administration Endorses Empty Humprhrey-Hawkins Legislation

Lie of the Week.

How the World’s Press Covered the Dortmund Pro-Nuclear Demo

... And Why the U.S. Press Didn’t.

Lack of Evidence Doesn’t Deter Press ‘Probe’ of Teamsters

‘Full Employment,’ Urban Policy Are Cover for Genocide

Porter: “We Will Force Relocation” – Zero Population Growth “Fortunate” – Starr: Change Welfare System To Shrink Cities – Rohatyn: Make Welfare a Tool – IPS Man: “We Have To Raise Taxes, Federal Deficit” – We’ll Make Mincemeat of Carter If He Doesn’t Support Urban Scheme – JEC: Humphrey-Hawkins Prepares the Way – Levitan: Lower the Minimum Wage – Reuss Report: Fed Must Help “Decentralization” – Cities Must Cut Service Costs – Ginzberg: Unemployment Much Larger.

Soviet Sector

Geneva and the Factional Line-Up in the Soviet Union

by Criton Zoakos

Red Army Uses Brezhnev Against Brezhnev – Evans, Novak Find “Gaullist” Faction Strong in U.S.S.R. – Banned Carrillo Speech Was “Prepared” by Pravda Editor.


Somalia Breaks with Soviet Union, Cuba

The Somalia Story: A Year of Diplomatic Warfare.


Japan: An Economic Pearl Harbor?

by Daniel Sneider

Strauss Aide Demands that Japan Dismantle Its Industrial Structure

“Dulles Brinksmanship in Economics.”

Latin America

Development Issue Is Realigning Venezuela’s Political Map