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Volume 4, Number 48, November 29, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 48, November 29, 1977

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Geneva By Christmas?  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Sadat-Begin Talks Lay Foundation for Economic Development  

Global Strides Towards Nuclear Power Isolate U.S. Policy  

French Press Hails Sadat Trip as Prelude to Mideast Development  

The Truth of the Begin-Sadat Meeting  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

First Reactions to Sadat-Begin Meet  

From European Leaders ... And from Europe’s Press – Soviets Hedge Bets on Mideast Developments – Are Soviets Softening on Israel?

Will Israel Make Breakthrough on Palestinian Arab Question?  

Israeli Writer Calls Upon Begin To Compromise on Palestinian Issue.

U.S. Report

Schlesinger Offers No-Growth Energy ‘Compromise’ at Home  

“No” to Nuclear Cooperation, Exports Abroad.

Schlesinger Hits a Snag at the ADL  

NAACP Rejects Schlesinger, Calls for Nuclear Development  

Connally and Allies Continue High Profile Fight for Nuclear Power  

Journal of Commerce on Schlesinger Energy Policy  

‘900 lb. Gorilla’ Kissinger Out To Stop Mideast Peace  

New York Times: Take the Credit, Henry – Javits: Let’s Wait Years – “As a Former President....”

United States Policy and Dr. Kissinger’s  

Carter: Biggest Breakthrough in 30 Years – Christopher: Soviet Role Essential – Kissinger: Neither Geneva Nor the Soviets – Kissinger: Geneva Will Fail.

Harriman Prepares ‘Grassroots’ Drive To Support Panama Treaty  


World Trade Plummets 9%  

Exclusive Report on the New York Maritime Regulation Conference: Trade War Brewing in the Shipping Industry  

U.S. Tells Japan ‘Surrender on Trade Issues’  

Kreps Favors Energy-Trade Pacts.

How The ExIm Bank Can Solve the Trade Crisis  

by David Goldman

Dollar and Pound Take Beating  

Dollar Crisis Brings New Collapse of Credit, Investment  

by Kathy Burdman


Nuclear Power Industry Faces Stagnation, Bankruptcy  

by Stuart Pettingell

What Happened to U.S. Nuclear Development?

Nader: ‘Destroy Property ... Before It Destroys You’  

Organizing Under Way for Anti-Nuclear ‘May-June 1978’  

Milan Fusion Conference Hails Unlimited Energy Source  


Enemies of Labor: PROD, TDU Plot Teamster Wrecking Operation  

Alternative Media Joins Teamster Witchhunt – TDU Boasts “We’ll Drive Fitz into Hiding.”

Labor News: Contract Negotiations ‘Entering Critical Juncture’  

Undersecretary of Labor Outlines Contract Expirations in Next Six Months – Will Coal Strike Lead to Confrontation and Violence? – New York Bricklayers Take Depression Pay Cuts – Boeing Workers Accept Depression Settlement.

Carter Under Hoover Pressure As Fight Over Humphrey-Hawkins Begins  

“Mrs. King Predicts ‘Serious Trouble’ for Carter If He Slacks on Jobs Bill” – Press Scorns Humphrey-Hawkins – Humphrey-Hawkins Is a “Hook To Hang Programs On” (Humphrey Aide) – Press to Carter Officials: But Are You Serious About H-H? – Public Service Jobs Centerpiece of Full Employment.

Government Documents Reveal UAW Source of USLP Harassment  

From the Justice Department’s NCLC File  

FEC Plays Nasty Games with USLP Candidates  


West Germany: Hamburg SPD Congress Compromises, But Continues Nuclear Energy Drive  

French Industry Budget Calls for Expansion of Atomic Power Capacity  

Yugoslavia Government Shakeup Linked to New IMF Demands  

Yugoslavia’s 1971 Crisis of Decentralization  

by Mira Petrovic


Leader’s Policy Statement Keeps China in Mao’s Footsteps  

Latin America

Latin Americans Advance Energy Fight with Call for Debt Moratorium  

Wanted: A Finance Minister Like Colbert – Manley: New World Order Greatest Concern – Mexico: Goal Is Atomic Energy.

Vance Is At lt Again  

For A “Soft” Policy – CAP: Brazil Must Develop Nuclear Power – Brazil, Venezuela Agree – Stanley Foundation: Limit Latin America’s Nuclear Capability – Perez: Safeguard Against Atom-Power Race – U.S. Energy Policy Debated – Brazil Rejects Regionalization.


FCC’s Equal Time – Boon Or Bust?  

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