Volume 4, Number 49, December 6, 1977



Will Cairo Lead to Geneva?

Behind the Sadat Visit to Israel – The Looming Crisis

Dayan Hell-Bent for Separate Peace

French Ready for Important Role at Geneva

The Dilemma Facing Hafez Assad

Congressional Resolution Lauds Middle East

U.S. Support for Mideast Development Feeds Peace Process

U.S. Delegation Paved the Way for Sadat-Begin Meeting – Mideast Peace To Boost Trade.

U.S. Report

U.S. Industry, Political Leaders Call for High-Technology Exports, Jobs

Simon Says – A Mandate for Growth: Excerpts from the Chicago Conference “Capital Formation For Exports”

“The Politics of Capital Formation,” by William Simon – “The Nature of the Capital Problem in the Coming Decade,” by Paul W. McCracken – “Increase Investment—Increase Productivity,” by Marvin G. Mitchell, Chicago Bridge Iron Company.

Press Shows Concern over Collapse of Capital Formation

Under Pressure, Washington Post Begins Shift on Nuclear Energy

Energy: Is Schlesinger On His Way Out?

Schlesinger: A ‘Golden Age’ of Austerity

What They’re Saying About Schlesinger.

Congress Report: ExIm Bank Fight

by Kathy Murphy

FBI Acknowledges End of Investigation of NCLC


Europeans Ponder Gold Monetary System, Fixed Rates

by David Goldman

London Exploits Dollar Downfall

British Refloat ‘Europa’

by Alice Blythe

Administration Offers Steel Industry the Third World Treatment

Is There Any Hope for West Germany’s Economy?

by Laurent Murawiec


Supreme Court Questions Environmentalist Control of Energy


Labor News

Cleveland Teachers, Hit with Payless Paydays — N.Y.C. Labor Crisis Looms As Koch Assumes Mayorality — Layoffs Take Toll in Transport — UAW Pushes Conservation At Ontario Labor Conference — Hartford’s Pratt-Whitney Offers IAM Unacceptable Contract.

As Coal Strike Looms: UMW in Final Phase of IPS-Planned Destruction

Enemies Of Labor: TDU, PROD, Labor Department Plan Fix of Detroit IBT Elections

New York Times Puffs Camarata.

USLP Demands Action Against UAW Attorney

... Schlossberg Responds.


Fascist Wave of ‘New Left’ Terrorism Under Way

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

New Left Journals Shape Fascist Debates

New German Critique: The Common Roots of Socialism and Fascism – British Intelligence’s Frankfurt School — Radical America: Clamshell Alliance Is Revolutionary Movement in The Making.

Soviet Sector

Whatever Happened to the Transfer Ruble?

by Susan Welsh

One Soviet Journal: Economic Cooperation Necessary

Another: Mideast Economic Cooperation Is “Aggression”


West Germany, Poland, Italy: For Energy, Against Terror

Italy Pushes Nuclear Power Development; Expands Trade Deals with Soviets

Britain: Policy Battle Takes Shape over Nuclear Energy Development


Japan: What’s Behind the Cabinet Shakeup?

How the New Cabinet Lines Up.

New MITI Minister: ‘Man’s Wisdom and Technology Are Unlimited’