Volume 4, Number 50, December 13, 1977



Europe Acts To Stabilize Dollar

How Europe Reacted to the Dollar Collapse

EEC ‘Gaullist’ Axis Blocks Jenkins’s Proposals

Financial Times: German Tempers Flare over British EEC Maneuvers

U.S. Report

Renegade U.S. Officials Go for New Cold War

British Puff Jackson’s SALT Sabotage — Schlesinger-Kissinger Seek Mideast Crisis.

Congressional, Industrial Support for Capital Formation Grows

Nonproliferation Is Ruining Trade.

New Mexico Senator Schmitt Denounces Administration’s ‘Technological Imperialism’

Administration Divided over Hyperinflationary ‘Urban Policy’

Washington Post Frets over HUD-OMB Budget Split

Harris: “Urbank” Is the Solution – National Urban Policy: Synonym for Anti-Growth Policy.

Kissinger Forces Reporter’s Ouster

Correction to EIR Volume 4, Number 48


Administration Steel Plan: Disastrous Revival of New Deal Economics

by Lydia Dittler

U.S. Steel Corp.: We Make Profits, Not Steel

by Lydia Dittler

Nonproductive Government Spending Compounds U.S. Economy’s Ills

American Farm Bureau Raises Technology, Export Banners

”Human Beings Are A Resource, Too.”

Pressure Builds To Expand Agricultural Exports, Repeal Jackson-Vanik

by Carol Lerner

USDA To Initiate New Intermediate Credit Program – We Need an Export Development Policy Now ....

Japanese Cabinet Announces It Will Not Surrender to Strauss

Britain on Japan’s “Intolerable Affront.”


Gas Companies Balk at Schlesinger’s WEEP Attack on Mexico Deal

The Wall Street Journal and Schlesinger vs. Reality

An Open Letter to Congress on ‘The Nuclear Anti-Proliferation Act of 1977’

by Morris Levitt

Why “Anti”-Proliferation Cannot Work – The IAEA’s Track Record – Brazil-West German Nuclear Accord Sets Tone for International Safeguard Requirements – Indian Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Model for Expanding Food Production.

Coal Conversion Bill: Expensive, Wasteful Hoax

by Marsha Freeman


George Meany and the American Federation of Layoffs

Meany Couples Export Curbs To Demand For Protectionism.

Resolution Before AFL-CIO Bars Collaboration with Labor Party

Enemies of Labor: Terrorist Lawyers Fronting for Teamster Dissidents

TDU Spokesman: We Have Top-Flight Lawyers.

TDU Offers Teamsters ‘United Front’ vs. USLP

Miners, Owners Walk into Strike Trap

U.S. Labor Party: Report From the West Virginia Coalfields

Recommended Law Firm Be Disqualified in UAW Suit

by Barbara Boyd

IBEW Backs Nuclear Energy

Soviet Sector

The Crisis of the Soviet Five-Year Plan

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Key Parameters of the Soviet Tenth Five-Year Plan (1976-1980)

by Rachel Berthoff

The Tenth Five-Year Plan to Date.

Middle East

On the Eve of Cairo: Middle East Poised Between Geneva, U.S.-Soviet Showdown

Sadat: I Do Not Want a Separate Peace

Moscow On Sadat.

Washington Observers on the Mideast

Israel: Dayan Has Begin’s Ear

The Egypt Option vs. the Jordan Option – Begin as Peacemaker: An Assessment – Israeli Scientists Propose Joint Israel-Egypt Nuclear Center.

Is a Palestine Government in Exile the Next Break for Peace?

PLO: Not “Delighted” With Tripoli Summit – Saiqa Threats.


Smith ‘Concedes’ While Bombing Mozambique

CSIS: U.S. Should Support Rhodesia’s Elections – Zambia: Tug-of-War – Britain Maneuvers Support for Sithole – Sithole Stumps in U.S.A.


Thailand, Vietnam Normalize Relations

by Dean Andromidas