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Volume 4, Number 51, December 19, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 51, December 19, 1977

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British Pull Coup Against Dollar  

USLP’s LaRouche Denounces Treason in High U.S. Circles  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Traitors ... and Their Orders  

Europe Worried ... U.S. Bankers Equivocate  

U.S. Leaders Consider Exim Bank Expansion as Way To Halt Dollar Crash  

Special Report

The Interim Strategic Situation, Part 1  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

‘Buckingham Palace’ Coup Against Carter  

by Don Baier

Energy Bill on the Rocks, But Schlesinger Policy Intact  

Georgia Businesses Meet: Demand for Government Program of Expanded Exports  


Investment Banks Start Eurodollar Panic  

by Alice Blythe

London Protectionism To Aid ‘Social Adjustment’  

by Steve Parsons and Alice Blythe

Japanese Currency Panic Grows in Wake of Ushiba Visit  

by Kevin Coogan

Alperovitz Tells How To Dismantle Steel  

Youngstown Steel and Tube – Test for Steel Industry  


OPEC Lines Up Behind Oil Price Freeze, Dollar  

by Judy Wyer

Administration Environmentalists Out To Destroy Export-Import Bank  

Soviet Scientist Urges Haste in Readying Fusion, Electrotechnologies  


AFL-CIO Convention Falls Behind Plan To Wreck U.S. Economy  

The “Meany” Program – Meany Endorses Humphrey-Hawkins – Schlesinger Lies – AFL Elevates Mondale: “VP Not Always Second Best” – Moynihan-Bukovsky Rave: U.S. Must Protect “Human Rights” – The AFL-CIO Program.


The Case of the George Jackson Brigade  

by Michele Steinberg and William Wertz

The First Domestic Trial Against Terrorism: USLP vs. Counterspy et Al.  

The Terrorists Talk  


Portugal Shakeup Draws International Policy Lines  

The Implications for Moscow – What Is the PCP? – Europe’s Chances – The Wishful Thinkers.

EEC Postpones Decision on Davignon Plan  

How Long Will Bonn’s New Economics Minister Last?  

Middle East

Begin’s Visit to U.S. Hints New Negotiating Stance  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Government Observers Say: Begin Will Deal With Palestinians — Urge PLO Form Government in Exile.

Support from Europe for a Comprehensive Settlement  

France, Europe Offer Helping Hand for Mideast Peace  

Syria: Assad Bows to Pressure, Maintains Opposition to Egypt-Israel Talks  

Syrian Press on U.S. Diplomacy in Cairo.

Israeli Press: Begin and Dayan Disagree ‘Over Everything’  

Peres Declares He’s Open to Palestinian State  


India Seeks ‘Atoms for Peace’  

by Leela Narayan


St. Louis Newspapers Draw Battle Lines  

The British Invasion of U.S. Media  

by Fay Sober

NBC’s New Smear Job  

by Charles Tate

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