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Volume 5, Number 1, January 10, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 1, January 10, 1978

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Crazed British Run Berserk  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Manic London Says Fed Shift ‘Makes No Difference’  

“U.S. Past Its Peak” – “Why No One Wants Dollars” – “Carter Must Bring Nil Growth” – “Living with Strong Pound” – Britain Should “Initial a New Spirit” – “If I Were Supreme Ruler of All the Russians.”

International Pressure Reversed Administration’s Dollar Policy  

by Alice Blythe

Run into Gold Puts Pressure on U.S.  

British Wave of Terror in Europe, Middle East  

by Kathy Stevens

Why Was Hammami Slain?  

U.S. Report

Brzezinski, the Choreographer of Carter’s Trip  

McGovern Aide: We Are Going To Have To Topple the President  

Who Is George Miller?  

Open Letter to Russell Long on Miller Hearings  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Where Miller Got His Anti-Industry Outlook  

European Press on Miller Appointment  

New York Times Gloats: Miller Appointment a Blumenthal Victory  

Energy: Whatever Happened to the Clinch River Breeder?  

by Don Baier


Land Bubble Bursts – Will Agriculture Economy Follow?  

by Susan Cohen


Response to Schlesinger Blackmail: Mexico Breaks Off Gas Negotiations with U.S.  

Mexican Government: “We Remain Firm” – U.S. Gas Companies Attack Schlesinger.

U.S. Utilities Journal Calls for Fast Breeder, Fusion  

Correction to previous issue of EIR (Volume 4, Number 52)  

Science & Technology

Scientists Challenge EPA Methodology on Alleged Carcinogens  


HUD and Treasury Fund Terrorist Buy-Back Scheme for Steel  

Hitler’s ‘People’s Car’ — Steel Union Doesn’t Buy ‘Buy-Back’

U.S. Steel Announces Tentative Decision To Close Youngstown Facility  

Industry, Labor, Farmers Form Alliance for Growth in Michigan  

Miller Bends to Agent Blackmail; No Coal Settlement in Sight  


Friends of the Earth: Nerve Center for Britain’s Environmental ‘Movement’  

by Stuart Pettingell

The Top “Friends of the Earth.”


In the Upcoming French Elections: Where Does National Interest Lie?  

by Dana Kastner and Leigh Bristow

Middle East

Carter in The Mideast: Weak in Policy Direction  

Europe’s Programmatic Input Keeps Mideast Peace on Track  

Dayan Insurrection in Israel Gets Brzezinski’s Support  

Iran Condemns BBC, British Foreign Office for ‘Propagating Violence’ Against Shah  


India: Toward a New Political Alignment?  

by Peter Rush

Peking’s Shadow Hangs over Cambodia-Vietnam Rift  

Secret Chinese Foreign Policy Revealed.

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