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Volume 5, Number 3, January 24, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 3, January 24, 1978

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London and Kissinger Set Up U.S.-Soviet Confrontation  

Kissinger Pushes Cold War to Bankers — Dr. Kissinger: Problem Is Industrial Development.

‘Blow-Up’ Scenario for the Horn of Africa  

Vance: “We Cannot Go Back to the Cold War.”

A Europe of Chiles  

Economic War on Italy — British Support “Interference” in Italy.

Mideast Peace Talks at Impasse As Begin Bends to Kissinger, Dayan  

The British View: Cold War in the Mideast.

Miller: A Traitor at the Head of the Federal Reserve  

Commercial Paper Trading: The New Option – Eurocommercial Market: A Check on Commercial Banking – A “Businessman’s” Cure ... Worse Than the Disease.

U.S. Report

NAACP Energy Policy Wins Acclaim, Opens Way for New Political Alliances  

National Press Hails NAACP Energy Policy – Mobil Hits Washington Post Non-Coverage of NAACP – The Village Voice – Gentlemen’s Agreement? – Black Caucus Is “Front for No-Growth Elitists” – Black Caucus’ Mitchell Calls NAACP Stand “Ghastly Mistake” – Former Defense Officer Calls Schlesinger “Devious” – Washington Governor Pins Mondale on Energy Program.

‘Watergaters’ Surrounding Carter  

The Marston Mess – Koreagate Fuels Washington Post Fire.

Schlesinger, Rand To Use Budget Issue To Force Pentagon Shake-Up  

by Robert Gallagher

U.S. Labor Party Announces 1978 Congressional Slate and a Strategy for Victory  


U.S. Eximbank Drive Links Up with Arab-European Gold Center  

‘The Banks’ Mafia: London, N.Y. Fear Competition’  

United States’ Industrial Heartland Wants Expanded World Trade  

by Warren Hammerman


Coal for Development – The Transition to Fusion  

by Marsha Freeman

NSC Aids Mine Strike Violence  


Alperovitz’s Youngstown Steel Takeover in Trouble?  

Youngstown Plan “Orwellian” – Need Advanced Technology To Make Youngstown Profitable – Carney Aide: “Sheet and Tube Is Too Hot To Handle” – Who Is Gar Alperovitz? – “Do You Want a Job or Straight Teeth for Your Kids?”

Construction Union Leader: ‘Energy Consumption Must Increase’  

European Economic Survey

Dollar Collapse Takes Heavy Toll on Europe  

by Alice Blythe

West Germany: No Benefit from ‘Strong Deutschemark’  

by Renée Sigerson

France: Barre Plan Austerity Self-Destructs  

by Susan Johnson

Italy: Debt Albatross Threatens Expansion  

by Alice Blythe


Europe’s Leaders Say No to Cold War  

Schmidt on Europe’s Security Goals – West German-Czechoslovak Talks Push Détente – France’s Giscard Intervenes into Kissinger’s Africa Hot Spot.

Middle East

Menachem Begin’s Blunders  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Congressional Visits to Mideast: New Potentials for Peace?  

The Congressional Tour – Findley: “Arafat Prepared for Concessions” – Saudis: “Moderate Stance by Arafat.”

The Crash of ’79: Can London Make It a Reality?  

by Judy Wyer

Documents Show Morgan’s Role in IMF Austerity Plans for Egypt  

PLO Charges Britain with Hammami’s Murder  

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