Volume 5, Number 4, January 31, 1978



London Unleashes Terror And Cold War To Stop Gold Option

Soviet Delegate Ponomarev: U.S.S.R., U.S. Bear Heightened Responsibility for World Peace

Reston: “Arguing for the Status Quo” – Evans and Novak: Carter’s New Realism – H.H.A. Cooper: “Ultimately All Politics Rests on Force” – Tempest in a Cold Teapot?

Soviet Strategic ‘Option A’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

London Throws Terrorists Against Progold Europe; U.S. Is Next

Who Is Edouard-Jean Empain?

by Richard Schulman

NCLC Prepares Libel Suit Against Jack Anderson

London Targets U.S. Labor Party for Harassment

U.S. Report

NAACP Statement at Center of U.S. Energy Fight

‘The NAACP and GOP Are On the Same Wavelength’

NAACP President Cites American Tradition of Growth – Colorado Civil Rights Leader Backs NAACP – St. Louis Paper Sees Rejection of Carter Policy – Texas Paper Lauds Energy Push.

U.S. Press Blacks Out, Distorts NAACP Report

Liberal Press, UAW Slam NAACP Energy Report

Black Weekly Echoes Village Voice, Calls NAACP Sellout – Jesse Jackson Lauded as New Black Spokesman – New York Times: “Does Civil Rights Include Energy?” – New Republic: NAACP Energy Policy a Conspiracy.

Who Owns the Black Caucus?

Bipartisan Attack on Schlesinger No-Energy Program

Schlesinger Proclaims De-Emphasis on Technology in Energy Budget – House Science and Technology Committee Blasts Schlesinger Budget – McCormack: Budget Is Sabotage of Nuclear Power – Wydler: Administration “Not Seriously Interested” in Solving Energy Crisis.

Stench of Rigged Watergates Hit Carter


Europe’s ‘Luxembourg Option’ Picks Up Steam

Mooted British Attack on Dollar Could Backfire on Pound

Scandal Threatens: Miller Confirmation Stalled

by David Goldman

“Corporate Crime” Hounds Won’t Touch Miller Scandal – London Plans Control of International Markets.

G.W. Miller and Textron: A Study in British-Style Asset-Stripping

by Leif Johnson

Japan Nods to U.S. But Organizes with Europe for Gold System

Special Report

FEF Mideast Conference: Announcement of Major U.S. Fusion Advancements, Call for New Economic Order

by Paul Arnest

Princeton ‘Fusion Device’ Brings Unlimited Energy Closer

by John Schoonover

FEF Conference Participants


Behind Kissinger’s Cold War: A Trilateral ‘New World Order,’ Part 1

“Towards a Renovated International System.”


Andreotti Negotiates With Communists for New Italian Government

Jesuit Historian Betrays British ‘Lie Factory’ Against Vatican

West Germany: London Scandalmongering Hits Schmidt Government

The French UOGC: Organizing for Progress

French Nuclear Official Blasts U.S. Approach to Nonproliferation


Kissinger Targeted as Obstacle to Mideast Peace

Al-Ahram Targets Mondale – London’s Financial Times: Bring Back Henry – New York Times: Let’s Go To the Brink.

World Bank’s McNamara Delivers Ultimatum to Sadat

London Press Reports on McNamara Trip.


‘U.K. Spy Outfit Ditches CIA, Dumps Carter’

Brzezinski Pushes Kissinger’s China Policy

U.S. Labor Party Statement: For a United States China Policy

by Peter Rush

Latin America

Mexico-Brazil Summit: A Real Alliance for Progress

Mondale Strikes Out in Mission to Mexico

USLP Charges U.S. Blackmail Against Mexico.

Rand Wargames in Latin America Feed Global Conflagration

Rand Scribbler: “Small-Scale War Not Unrealistic.”