Volume 5, Number 5, February 7, 1978



The Great Satellite Hoax

How British Are Wrecking U.S.-U.S.S.R. Entente

Christian Science Monitor: “Does Britain Need a Nuclear Deterrent?” – Press Uses Cosmos 954 To Whip Up Cold War Hysteria – The British Line on Technology.

U.S. Labor Party: Satellite Hoax Must Not Wreck SALT Talks

Carter Uses Hoax To Ask Space Technology Ban

by Dr. Steven Bardwell

Pravda: Cosmos Incident Handled “in a Businesslike Manner” – Kraft: The “Bungle Factor” Discredits SALT Opponents.

U.S. Report

Industry, GOP Back NAACP on Energy: Is Labor Next?

Myth of the NAACP’s ‘Call for Deregulation’

by Benjamin Hooks

Amsterdam News Sticks Foot in Mouth – Afro-American: NAACP Makes Carter Look Good – Detroit Trade Unionists Use “Deregulation” Line To Attack NAACP.

Will Republicans Officially Endorse the NAACP Call?

Carter Energy Bill Isn’t an Energy Bill – Reagan: NAACP Report a “Hot Potato for Dems” – Where Does the GOP Stand?

Industry Reps Take Up the Growth Call

FEF Asserts Nuclear Energy Key – Kraft: Storming Warnings – Signs of Pro-Growth Feistiness from Oil Industry, Citibank.

Carter Administration Fracturing on Nuclear Export Policy

Strauss Splits With Administration Over Nuclear Exports Policy.

Japan: Market for Nuclear Technology

Schlesinger’s WEEP Underway; Government Intervention in Coal Strike Hinted

by Marsha Freeman

WEEP Will Go into Effect, Says DOE Assistant – Energy Department Spokesman Says Taft-Hartley Won’t Have Any Effect on Coal Strike – WEEP Isn’t Much of a Program, Says Ohio Utilities Spokesman – Jay Rockefeller Aide: Miller Will Have Trouble Selling Contract in West Virginia — Schlesinger Out To Wreck Settlement, Says Labor Department Spokesman.


British Coup in Monetary Affairs

Run on French Franc Only First Phase of New British Attack on Dollar

by Kathy Burdman

Rothschild Investment Banker Declares for British System – Giscard, Barre Warn Against Program of French Left.

If the Economy’s So Great, Then Why’s Everyone So Worried?

by Lydia Dittler

Europeans, Saudis, Japanese Keep Pressuring for Stable Dollar

Nothing Short of Global Economic Development Will Work

by Warren Hamerman

N.Y.C. Defeated by End of First Quarter?

New York Times: “New York’s Attrition Game Is Over” – Journal of Commerce: “Flight From Reality” – Wall Street Journal: “The Great Raid.”


Proposed Energy Budget Would Wreck America’s Nuclear Future

The Method Behind Schlesinger’s Madness

Cincinnati Mechanical Engineers Back USLP on Nuclear Energy


Carter Alien Program: Border Violence and Slave Labor

Mexican Sociologist: The Alternative to Chicano Terrorism Is Slave-Labor Jobs – U.S. “Expert”: Chicano Quebecs in the Cards – Chicano Radical: “We’re Hooking Up with Levesque and the PLO” – White House Official: Carter Program Is Non-Negotiable.


Kennedy’s S.1 Will Bust Unions

AFL-CIO: We Trusted Kennedy To Fix S.1.

Labor Department Charges Teamster ‘Pension Fraud’

Labor Department Gloats over Teamster Pension Suit.


How the PCI Maneuvered a Crisis in Italy

by Vivian Freyre

West Germany: The Present Battleground for NATO Strategy

by James Cleary

Teller Calls for U.S. High Technology Push

Tory Government in the Wings Prepares Fascist Policies for Britain

by Marla Minnicino and Pamela Goldman

Middle East

Brits, Dayan Undermine Sadat Peace Offensive

by Nancy Parsons

An Unlikely Alliance in Arab World

by Robert Dreyfuss

‘Israel Lobby’ Senators Sabotage U.S.-Saudi Relations


Japanese-Soviet Relations – Myth and Fact

by Kevin Coogan


The African Horn: British Cold War Scenario

International Press Foments New “Missile Crisis” – West German Minister: No Arms to Areas of Tension.

Latin America

What ‘Atoms for Peace’ Planned for Puerto Rico

by Ivan Gutierrez del Arroyo


Jack Anderson Doesn’t Have the Right To Lie

The Crib

by Fay Sober

U.S. Publisher Warns Against British-Style Press Censorship