Volume 5, Number 6, February 14, 1978



U.S., Soviets Face Test of Détente over Horn of Africa

by Robert Dreyfuss

Washington Blows the Horn of Lunacy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Europeans Move To Cool Horn Crisis

The Horn of Africa: Poverty, War–and Potential

The Soviets in Africa: Britain’s View and Reality

British House of Commons Claims Russians To Invade Europe – Will Ethiopia Invade Somalia?

Saudi-American Alliance Under Attack from London and Israel Lobby

by Judy Wyer

Influencing Oil Production – Hersh Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About – “The Story Came from London.”

Lebanon Flare-Up Threatens Mideast Peace Process

Sadat on Arab British Agents.

U.S. Report

Hearings Open on Expanded Eximbank Role

by Kathy Murphy

“Plenty Of Animal Waste.”

Slanders Backfire; NAACP Gathers New Support

Power Spokesman Praises NAACP Energy Policy – Hooks: We Don’t Want Handouts – The Press Has Confused the Issue.

Reuss: ‘Every City Needs A Rohatyn’

Senate Recesses, No Energy Bill in Sight

U.S. Senate Passes Percy Nuclear Nonproliferation Bill

U.S. Threatened with ‘Government by Scandal’


European-Japanese Gold Moves Put London in Policy Tailspin

“Mr. Roosa Is Upset About How His Plan Is Being Used” – It’s Only a Short-Term Tactic – “We Have To Have a Little Bloodshed” – West Germany Wants “Nothing Connected to Inflation.”

Franc Attack Judoed Against Pound

British Concede Arab Outflow Potential – Sterling: A Rothschild Bank vs. a U.S. Commercial Bank.

Lazard Readies Alternate U.S. Credit and Banking System

Javits Aide: Sure We’re Looking at New Ways To Invest Pension Money.

Blumenthal’s 1979 Federal Budget: A Blueprint for Destruction of the U.S.

by David Goldman


Emergency Strategic Memorandum: Vital Strategic Implications of British Intelligence Admission Philby’s Was Treble Agent

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

London Press: Philby Is Still Ours


The Textron Story: The Bottom Line Is Union Busting, G.W. Miller’s Labor Policies

by Leif Johnson


Franco-German Summit a Blow to Britain

Italy: Berlinguer Proposes an ‘Emergency Pact’ To Replace Communist Demands for Emergency Government

A British Ultimatum.

Bonn’s Defense Minister Hounded Out of Office

West German Cabinet Reorganized