Volume 5, Number 7, February 21, 1978



Dollar Fight for Control of the White House

by K. Brown (Kathy Burdman)

“We Can’t Support the Dollar Anymore” – Witteveen Tells West Germany, Japan: Reflate – Solomon Sparks Dollar Dumping.

Japan and West Germany Coordinate Financial Strategy

by Kevin Coogan

Schmidt Stance Against Blumenthal Gets Wide Backing ... for Better or Worse

Special Report

How Promptly To Bankrupt the British

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

British Battle for Control of U.S. Foreign Policy

Press Analyzes Arms Deal; Builds Cold War.

Pravda Cites Problems in Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

Carter Moves To Break Coal Strike Deadlock

What’s at Stake?

No-Nuke Act a Blow to U.S., World Energy Development

by William Engdahl

Support Continues To Grow: Michigan NAACP Announces Energy Conference

Midwest Press: Business Must Support NAACP – Senator Praises NAACP for Energy Stance.


Blumenthal’s Bear Raid Reviewed

The Germans Will Give In.

Battle over World Credit Markets As U.S. Banks Decline

by Alice Shepard

British Plot Bear Raid on Eurodollar Market.

Czechs Say: What’s Good for the Dollar Is Good for Us

British Out To Destroy European Economic Community

by Pamela Goldman

London Targets U.S. Achilles Heel: New York City

by Steve Parsons

European Banks Battle for Luxembourg Base

Ghost of Nixon-Brezhnev Détente Haunts Exim Hearings

by Richard Freeman

Soviet Sector

Poland Tries To Manage Austerity with ‘Moral’ Mobilization

by Rachel Berthoff

A “British” Prescription for Poland.

Military Strategy

London’s Strategy: Regional Conflicts in the Third World

by Fernando Quijano


The Campaign To Subvert U.S. Law Enforcement

by Robert Kay

Middle East

Dayan Activates Israel’s First Strike Option

Press Spread War-Line – Dayan Boxes In Begin – Weizman Smooths Negotiations – Being Urges To Act – Lebanon Flare-Up.

Arafat and Fatah Faction Encourage PLO Moderation

Euro-Arab Development the Issue in North African Troubles

by Mary Jane Coates

Tunisia And Libyan Rapprochement – Northwest Africa: French-Saudi-Soviet Cooperation Jeopardized – Chad: Rerun of the Western Sahara — Times, IPS join in Maghreb Destabilization — Polisario Linked to British Operation — What Is the Frolinat?


India: Forces of Chaos Are on the Move

by Daniel Sneider

Latin America

Book Review: THE CFR Plan for a Coup Against Venezuela’s Foreign Policy

by Chris Allen

Contemporary Venezuela and Its Role in International Affairs, Robert Bond, editor.