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Volume 5, Number 8, February 28, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 8, February 28, 1978

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Fire Schlesinger To Stop War  

by Criton Zoakos

Soviet Strategic Hardening Signalled  

Britain: Time For A U.S.-U.S.S.R. Showdown — U.S.: Press Moot Military Buildup.

Labour Government White Paper Confirms Confrontation Stance  

U.S. Leaning to British Rhodesia War ‘Solution’  

U.S. Report

As Negotiated Settlement Nears: Who Wants To Prolong the Coal Strike?  

by L. Wolfe

Rage Against Schlesinger Grows  

Schlesinger Is Responsible For The Coal Crisis  

by Marsha Freeman

Fight for Control of White House  

Lance Held Hostage To Promote Miller Confirmation  

Stevenson Hearings — Forum for Both Sides of U.S. Export Battle  

Jack Anderson Sued for Column on NCLC  

What’s Happening to the Administration’s ‘Urban Policy’?  

The Devil’s Dictionary Being a Glossary of Current Terms on Urban Policy.

Washington Week  

“He Don’t Get No Respect” — “I Beg Your Pardon?” — “I Resent That Innuendo.”

How Nixon’s Eximbank Policy Created Jobs for U.S. Industrial Workers  

by Richard Freeman


Dollar Collapse Almost Uncontrollable  

Correcting Mr. Connally: Gold Is the Best Support for the Dollar  

by David Goldman

No Doubt About It: U.S. Economy Collapsed in January  

Middle East

Britain’s Cyprus Plot Threatens Middle East Cold War  

The Larnaca-Sebai Affair  

Who’s Behind Egypt’s Rampage Against Palestinians?  

State Department Rejects Separate Peace – Sadat Won’t Sell Out Palestinians

War in Israel over Separate Peace  


The Report Schlesinger Wants Suppressed: Why We Need the Fast Breeder Now  

by William Engdahl

U.S. Energy Czar Backs Terrorists’ No-Growth Woodstock  


How To Analyze and Uproot International Terrorism  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Yugoslav-Soviet Relations Deteriorate  

Yugoslavia Brings the ‘Skinner Box’ into the Factory  

by Mira Petrovic

How Cuccia Created Italy’s Anarchists  


Will The Soviets Fall for U.S.-Chinese Deception  

by Peter Rush and Daniel Sneider

New Wave Hits at British Hornet’s Nest  

Latin America

Mexico: Big Headache for the Monetarists  

by Tim Rush

“Alliance For Production” – “Nationalism Imbued with Humanism” – “Four Critical Points” – “Portillo: Either Subjugation or Sovereignty.”

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