Volume 5, Number 11, March 21, 1978



Brzezinski Stages Coup in White House: Israeli Invasion of Lebanon Hurls World Toward U.S.-Soviet Confrontation

PLO Terror: An Israeli-Concocted Pretext for War?

Soviets Hold U.S. Responsible for Outcome of Middle East Crisis

Soviet Army Paper: Beware of “Nuclear Arms Race” in Mideast – Soviets Warn Carter Policy “Threatens Buildup of Tension” — Arabs Stress International Help in Solving Mideast Crisis — Italian, West German Press Denounce Invasion.

Israel Massacres Palestinians in Lebanon

by Nancy Parsons

U.S. Labor Party Executive Statement: Dump the Jewish Lobby for Mideast Peace

An American Policy for the Middle East: An Israel-PLO Accord at Geneva

by Robert Dreyfuss

U.S. Report

Jewish Lobby Shoves Carter to Mideast War

by Kathy Murphy

British Boast of Destabilizing Carter

Panama Canal Treaty Vote Gives O.K. to Carter

Eximbank Chief Calls for Low-Interest Development Fund

Supporters of Eximbank Expansion Line Up in Maryland


British Announce Five-Point Plan To Bring Down Dollar

by Kathy Burdman

Callaghan’s Common Program – London Times: End Dollar as Reserve Currency – Interview with International Economist at Brown Brothers Harriman – Interview with Senior Partner at Lazard Frères in New York – West German Political Economist in Washington.

British Call for Tight Money Regime in U.S.

Financial Times Defines U.S. Policy – Miller, the Mimic – New York Times: High Praise for Wage-Price Controls.

Blumenthal, British Subversion Weakens Dollar

by Renée Sigerson

Gold Sale Options: Dollar Revival or Dollar Sabotage?


The Price of Tolerating British Terrorism

by Kathy Stevens

Moro Kidnapped by “Foreign Secret Services,” Italians Say.


Will Miners Vote Yes on New Contract?

IPS Networks Gear Up for Contract Rejection

UMW Leader Calls for Probe of Health and Pension Funds

Press Sabotages Coal Production with Lying Campaign

by Fay Sober


Civex Technology Clears Way for Breeder

Zero Growther Attacks Civex

The New York Times’s Reprocessing Cycle


West Germany: Clearing Up the Neutron Bomb Controversy

by John Sigerson

Soviets Offer West Germany, and Others, Cooperation – The Alternative to War

Tito, Carter Affirm Mutual Cooperation


The Plot To Legalize Heroin

by Karen Steinherz

Bourne vs. DuPont – Under H.B. 709....

Drug Abuse Institute Director: British ‘Heroin System’ a Failure