Volume 5, Number 13, April 5, 1978



U.S. Groups Back Mideast Development Plan with Saudis

by Judy Wyer

Carter, State Department Prepare Middle East Development Policy

by William Engdahl

Energy Department Threatens Saudi-U.S. Relations

Rockefeller Development Corp. Eyes Turkey

Mideast Development Chances Held Hostage to Israel's 'Masada'

by Mark Burdman

Weizman And Masada — Israel Will 'Go To Any Lengths' To Crack Saudi-U.S. Ties.

Support for Israel Wanes In U.S.

U.S. Report

Carter Faces Four Key Decisions

Public-Private Effort Emerges: Export Drive To Support Dollar, Ensure Mideast Peace

Exim Chief Moore Asks $300 Billion in Exports

Miller, Blumenthal Push British Attack on Dollar from Within Administration

Henry Owen's Aide: We Hammered It Out with Callaghan – State Department Expert on Bonn Summit.

Is Japan the 'Export Faction's' Weak Flank?

Carter Seeking Breakthrough on SALT

Carter Faces 'Acid Test' for U.S. Policy in Africa

Memorandum on AFL-CIO Economic and Strategic Policy

by Warren Hamerman


February Trade Figures Clobber Dollar

Congress Could Collapse World Bank

British Agents Draft: Final Solution for New York

U.S. Labor Party Draft: Legislation To Save New York City

Japan Economic Survey

Blumenthal's Yen Rise Seeks Japan's Downfall

by Richard Katz

Japan's Economists: Hamilton, Hegel, and Kanamori

Export Industries: How the Yen Rise Hit


'Development Pays': How West Germany Is Winning the Brazilian Market

"In the War for Markets, the Armaments Give Energy" – "A German Point of View on the Nuclear Agreement: A Strategy To Reach Technological Hegemony" – "Country's Nuclear Project Looks to Next Century."


SPD Faces Tight Race in West German State Elections

by James Cleary

Third World

IMF and U.S. Treasury Seek Peruvian Default

by Mark Sonnenblick