Volume 5, Number 16, April 25, 1978



Will U.S. Join in East-West Trade Expansion?

by Susan Welsh

British Sabotage African Peace

Andrew Young Calls for Economic Development To End Rhodesian Crisis – Soviets Charge British Conspiracy; Maintain Commitment to Africa — Zambians, Tanzanians, Patriotic Front Blame British.

The British Have a Hand in the Shevchenko Case

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Special Report

The ‘Dossier San Marco,’ Part 1: The ‘Left,’ the ‘Right,’ and the Controllers of Terrorism

U.S. Report

Camp David’s Unfinished Agenda

by Stephen Pepper

Telegraph Scores Carter “Amateur.”

SALT Ratification Requires White House Organizing

London Plans Spring Terrorist Offensive Against U.S.A.

Schlesinger on Terrorists: ‘I’ll Work With Them;’ Denounces U.S. Constitution

IPS Revives the BLA – “Expert”: U.S. Terrorism by Puerto Ricans, Mexicans – U.S.-Mexican Border a Possible Terrorist Target – SIS Spokesman: “East Germans Behind Terrorism.”

Fight for U.S. Export Policy

Ceausescu: Expand Romania-U.S. Trade Deals.


The Politics of the Bull Market

by Richard Schulman

Foreign Exchange: Europe Fuels U.S. Market Rally, But Insists That Backup’s Needed

by Susan Johnson

Miller ‘Anti-Inflation’ Plan Snagged

by Richard Freeman

Bank Economist: Let’s Crash.

World Trade: Conference Stresses World Significance of U.S.-Arab Collaboration

by Richard Welsh

Economic Survey

Mexico, Venezuela Break the Third World Pattern

Oil: A Kind of Debt Moratorium.

Mexico: Thinking Big

by Alicia Fernandez and Tim Rush

Mexican Oil Revenue Slated for Development – López Portillo: We Won’t Postpone Development.

Venezuela: The Success of Dirigism

by Chris Allen

Trujillo Leads Economic Development — Missing: Nuclear Energy.


NAACP Stands Firm with Energy Position, Scores Media ‘Distortion of Our Views’

New Jersey Mayor Endorses NAACP on Energy – NAACP an Issue in N.Y. Press Battle.


Turkey: Violence Mars Development Negotiations

by Nancy Parsons

Third World

Southeast Asia: An Atrocity Called Cambodia

Cambodia – Vietnam – Yugoslavia Delegation Tours Cambodia – Cambodia Refuses Negotiations.


Schlesinger’s New Indian Wars

by Patricia Levitt

A New Turn to Terrorism.