Volume 5, Number 18, May 9, 1978



Capitulation to Kissinger: Republicans Move To Destroy Dollar

The U.S. Stake in West German-Soviet Deals

Wolff: “As a Capitalist, I’m More Realistic Than Willy Brandt.”

Schmidt, Brandt, Kissinger Draw Battle Lines

FEF Conference: U.S. Model for Southern Africa’s Development

by Nora Hamerman

Mexican Plan Only Bright Spot at IMF Interim Meet

by Carlos Romero Barrera

Special Report

Inside Bilderberg: Getting Out the British Line

What Is Bilderberg? — Among the Participants – Bilderberg Society Adjourns, and Deploys.

U.S. Report

38 Republicans Issue a Statement of Kissinger’s Views

Tidewater Strategists Fumble on Tax Cuts and Foreign Policy

Kemp: Make GOP ‘Party of Growth’

Vance: U.S. Security Tied to Developing Sector Progress

Young: U.S. Industrial Capacity ‘Has Increased the Aspirations of All Humanity’

Soviets: Vance Initiatives Must Go Further

Labor Party, Allies To Ask Treason Indictment of Kissinger

by Felice Gelman

Foreign Policy: Congress and the Plane Sales: ‘Confrontation with Reality’

by Don Baier

Washington Whispers

Anyone Want a Vice-President? – Double Take – Like A Bridge over Troubled Waters – Sun Worship, California Style – Schlesinger Asks For Curbs.

What Nixon Still Doesn’t Know

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


London’s Trap: Turn ‘Miller’s Boom’ into ‘Miller’s Recession’

Miller Starts Bank War To Hurry Dollar Crash

Mexican Plan Only Bright Spot at IMF Interim Meet

Japan Invites U.S. Nuclear Imports: Fukuda Calls for Joint Fusion Research

Book Review, Part 2: A Tool of Power: The Political History of Money

by David Goldman

Economic Survey

Miller’s Bear Trap: You’ve Seen It All Before

by David Goldman

Miller’s Whole Program-Replaying 1929.


Izvestia Names Raskin, IPS as Behind Terrorism

Izvestia: Raskin and “Blind Terrorism” – Andreotti: Terrorists Oppose Economic Development of Italy – PLO Cleans House in Quest for Peace.