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Volume 5, Number 19, May 16, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 19, May 16, 1978

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The Brezhnev-Schmidt Pact: Opening the Way Out of World Depression  

I. The Text of the Economic Agreement Between West Germany and the U.S.S.R.  

II. The Brezhnev-Schmidt Communiqué  

III. Schmidt: ‘Make Détente Irreversible’  

IV. Brezhnev: ‘Peace Is the Essence of Our Life’  

V. European Labor Party: London Stunned by ‘Rapallo’ Breakthrough  

World Map of Trade Deals  

British Lead Press Panic  

Soviets Call British Bluff — West Germany: “Totally New Perspective.”

U.S. Looks For an Opening  

Special Report

Build a Strong Whig Republican Force  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A Public Appeal to Ronald Reagan from the Labor Party’s LaRouche.

U.S. Report

Administration: Carter Boxed In  

Confused Exec Swings Both Ways.

Miller Comes Under Fire  

by Richard Welsh

White House Takes Aim at Fed Chief — “Kissinger is the Problem.”

What’s Blocking East-West Trade?  

‘Hard-line’ Legislation Is Losing the U.S. Billions.

Energy: Never On Sun Day  


Stock Market Rise Blinds Commercial Banks  

by Lydia Dittler

Accounting-Pad Folly – Ottawa Borrowings, Bundesbank Statements  

by Susan Johnson

Japan: Fukuda Drops Fusion Bombshell  

by Kevin Coogan

Japan Congressman Invites U.S. To Join Science & Technology Deals  

OPEC Demands Development: Why The Arabs Stick with the Dollar  

by Judy Wyer

Oil Rivals Pull Together  

London Sends a Message: Why Curtiss-Wright Wants Kennecott  

by Richard Schulman


Cutting Energy, Boosting Inflation: Texas Study Shreds Schlesinger’s National Energy Plan  

Science & Technology

Pulling Out Pollution with Super Magnets  

What Is Superconductivity?

Third World

Egypt Puts IMF on Notice, Heralding New Era of Economic Development  

by Mary Jane Coates

IMF Faces Hard Times.

Egypt’s Scientists Call for Nuclear Energy  

Trade & Development – Way to Mideast Peace  

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