Volume 5, Number 20, May 23, 1978



The Truth About Kissinger’s Phony Africa Crisis

by Robert Dreyfuss

A Hoax Designed To Stop East-West Accord.

Europe Cool to Belgian, British War-Cries

The Gutter Press Demands Confrontation

Ethiopia: ‘That Anachronistic British Policy: Hypocrisy’

Britain is the Third World’s Biggest Enemy.

Soviets Praise Huge Scope of Bonn Deal; Await U.S. Role

by Rachel Berthoff

Correction to previous issue of EIR

Special Report

The Truth About Chappaquidick

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

Which Way for Carter on Mideast, SALT?

After the Jet Sale Vote, Strategic Policy Is Still Alive.

Once Again... Who’s Kissinger Now?

Hornswoggled Again: Kissinger Leads His GOP Opponents Against the Soviets

“Reagan Sheds Light on Palestinian Question” – Weicker: Carter Pushes Showdown with Israel – Moynihan: Soviet Goals “Wholly Contrary” to U.S.

A U.S. Policy for Peace, Prosperity: A Report on the Fusion Energy Foundation’s Detroit Conference

by Barbara Roberts

Demand For Leadership – New England Meets To Save High Technology.

The Courts: The UAW’s Sewer Politics

FOIA Documents Show ‘Get the Labor Party’ Policy.

What Cannot Be Kept Confidential

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Dollar Bubble’s End Draws Deadline for Growth Policy

by Susan Johnson

Business Week: Accept Inflation or Face Civil War.

Banking: London Has ‘Back-Door’ Plan To Replace Dollar with SDR

Israeli Official Calls for Mideast ‘Common Market’

The Policy Framework for a National Export Program

Draft Proposal for the Weil Task Force on Exports.

Economic Survey

The ‘Incomes Policy’ Swindle: The Fraud and the Reality of the Crisis in U.S. Labor Productivity

by Alice Shepard


U.S. Energy Policy Fight: Rockefeller Foundation Calls for Sharp Turn in Carter Breeder Policy

by William Engdahl

Japanese-U.S. Joint Project Proposed.

Soviet Sector

Is The U.S. Serious About E-W Trade?

by Rachel Berthoff

East Germany’s First Major Trade Tour Here Raises The Policy Issue.

G.D.R. Offers a New Steel-Making Process

by Marsha Freeman


Italy Takes On the Terrorists

An International Cleanup Is Launched Following the Moro Murder.

Who Is Francesco Cossiga?

The Time for Justice Has Come

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche Calls for Justice in the Moro Case.

Third World

Indira Gandhi Calls for Defense of Indian Science and Industry

An Exclusive Interview with India’s Former Prime Minister.